French Motorways / Toll/Tag system

Hi, can anyone advise me how to obtain one the ‘tag’/pass allowing you to drive through the motorway ‘checkpoints’ without having to produce your CC every time - 1) in order to save time, and 2) because we have a RHD car.
We are not resident but come to France a lot.
Many thanks

We got ours from the French company ATMB from their website. They send the transponder to the UK. They take automatic payment each month. So much easier.

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I didn’t know you could do that, how useful !
It used to be that you would have to stop at a tollbooth that has a motorway agency office on site and physically go in and apply for a badge, leave your bank or card details, etc. Not an especially helpful or efficient system.

We got ours from here:

They work very well - you can pick the package that’s suits you best.

Prior to moving to France we used to have one provided by:

This was very similar but slightly more expensive per month of use.

They are very useful in a RHD car when the passenger has fallen asleep!


We use


We have the emovis tag, it is very easy to set up in the UK. You get the little ‘beeper’ thingy in the post and that’s it, you can drive through all the payee stations in the lanes marked. We only rarely use the motorways, you only get billed when you use the motorways and a yearly fee of about £8.
Very reasonable, considering the gymnastics one has to do when driving alone in a RHD


Yes, I think it makes sense to check out the costs.
You rent the transponder and I know on ours if we don’t use it, as we are not doing it, we have not had any charges on that month.
Ours is only for France, so if you are only going to use it in France, I would imagine havcing access to other countries would be more expensive.

Come to Brittany - no road tolls at all are allowed here - apparently part of the agreements that led to the final union of Brittany with France in the 16th Century.

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Didn’t know that - we have a “Bip&Go” but haven’t used it in years, probably needs a new battery (I think you have to get the whole tag replaced).

Here are the free autoroutes…

These days most toll booths accept contactless, so we just have a grabber stick and can hold up credit card (cheapskate or what!!)


that’s a brilliant idea… :grin:

it’s such a bind trying to reach across to those machines… I’m only little and often have to more or less climb out of the window… as there’s rarely room to open the car door and step out…

Many thanks everyone! Great replies.
I’m going to check out the various options and see which works out the best for us.

Yup and when I do my annual drive to Normandy and hit the Brittany toll free roads I certainly notice it. Utterly insane in this day and age.

We joined SANEF about 6 years ago. They are now emovis.
Brilliant. It’s the look on a French driver’s face when we ( with UK plates) go straight through the priority lane, the barrier automatically lifts and they sit in a queue. You also don’t get billed for up to 8 weeks!


We found that the Sanef invoice is very detailed - this highlighted to us that one particular section of autoroute was very expensive (A10 Poitiers-Bordeaux) so we changed our route and saved quite a bit.

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Does that work on ALL motorways in France?
Looking at website it appears to be limited to certain ones?

Me too, they have an office just on the south side of the A13 at Rouen. Picked up our tag and bonus! Its free for a year. That’s the monthly cost not the tolls.

I use the one issued for France via their UK web site at

We have travelled through much of France and in over 5 years have never ever had a problem. Yes, I think there are a few roads incompatible (I think one’s near Monaco) but they’re pretty obvious and the emovis site shows them all.

Our tag was replaced last year as we were told the Battery was due to due to go dead.

Every time we visit it’s always the same. Will it work? Surely the battery will be dead ( they have an auto reminder system!). We then approach the first “ t ” lane at the beginning of the toll route, travelling at 20kph, waiting and praying the barrier will recognise us. Then, as if by a miracle, we hear that beautiful “ding”. The barrier rises and we’re off! Get one, they’re brilliant. but remember your heart medication as you approach your first barrier😉

Oh. We did have one problem!!! Once we approached the barrier a little too fast. Our car has a auto brake sensor; in case you’re approaching a stopped car. The sensor mis-took the barrier “mid-raise" for a stopped car. Amazing how fast a big SUV can stop……


The nerves used to happen just as we approached the toll booths near Boulogne - there is then a beep of confidence so we could relax for the rest of the journey.

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