French Motorways / Toll/Tag system

I don’t really see the point with them still having to stop for a barrier is not faster the using a contactless credit card if the where no barrier and you did not have to come to a dead stop I whold definitely get one but not now

You never stop at the barrier with a tag, some of them you can pass at 30kph and there is never a queue.

This shows them in use - (this is not one of the quick lanes)

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Still a barrier still have to shift down to 30

As apposed to?
Still, dont get one because if too many do I will end up in a queue again.

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Whold be better with no barriers and a line that goes all day way on to road if you are not lucky enough still get stuck behind some lorry that is slowly getting up to speed ore some caravan

It is just easier to walk!

The speed limit is reduced for all vehicles… on approaching the Tolls… regardless of whether or not one has a Tag…

I almost never use peages, except when someone else is paying for the journey and requests/authorises it, and if I do I need a receipt each time. So never have been tempted to get one.

It’s the best thing since sliced bread. I come to France 10-12 times a year and in winter travelling from Normandy to Provence or other areas. On a wet windy winter’s day when you have to step out of your RHD car walk round, pay and return soaking wet you’ll realise the advantage.
I get mine from a company in Harrogate, Yorkshire but haven’t the details on me but can pass them on. Very reliable and efficient company.

Thank you Martin, would be interested in the Harrogate company.

True, … except

One time we would really have welcomed being able to sail through the autoroute was so busy the péage queue extended back into the 2-lane section (for about a mile), so, although there wasn’t much of a queue for the télépéage bit we still were held up for half an hour :frowning:

These are the people in Harrogate.

Are you wanting the company to be UK based, Yorkshire based or Harrogate based?

Sliced bread is crap

I never eat sliced. It’s just a phrase. Chill out!

No just wondering who they were (you mentioned Harrogate)…

Not me!

Totally chilled here thank you, its you who doesnt get the joke

I use Emovis Tag UK for France - you have to have the tag sent to a UK address though. It is so useful it’s worth every penny!

Agreed. I don’t understand why the French gov don’t consider the a/route system a national asset which benefits all the people of France, even those who don’t have a/routes locally or ever use them themselves but allows commercial traffic to operate far more efficiently, delivering to their local s/mkts, Bricos et al.

They keep commercial vehicles, [toll dodgers], off local roads, out of built up areas and on the move. This has environmental benefits, as well, both for local communities and the efficiency of the use of the fuel driving the goods vehicles.

I took an non-a/route trip from Calais to the Vilaine estuary. I got stuck behind a flatbed transporting a good-sized boat, a beamy tub, making the best of the contract to deliver by avoiding tolls. It was a liablity to everyone, other traffic and the towns and villages it managed to squeeze thru’. In my rhd camper I found it impossible to overtake this monster. I trundled behind it for scores of miles.

The irony was that I was going to visit the ex-shipwright and my PA, late of the boatyard I had owned in UK.

Spain has begun de-tolling its autopistas. As the contracts to maintain a section of AP ends, the toll system is rescinded

Even the Severn bridges are free now, the gov’t declaring that they’ve been paid for by the tolls.

If I recall correctly … the Dartford Tunnel/Bridge was meant to be Toll-Free after a certain period… but the promise was rescinded… :roll_eyes:

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