French social care for elderly

Please don’t cancel. You are currently one of his patients, so he has your “suivi” (can’t remember how to say that in English). You really don’t want to risk coming off his list which can happen if you cancel appointments.

And if he is more concerned about you that is great, and very important.

He sounds like a good, caring doctor and you may need him to expedite things later - for example if Fran urgently needs a feeding tube.

If you go back through this thread you can probably see what’s changed since last appointment, so could note this down for tomorrow. Is she eating with more difficulty, is she communicating less, and finding it more difficult to stand up? All these are important things to tell him, even if he has no magic solutions.


Point taken, I was being a bit selfish in a way, thinking of humping that lump- of a wheelchair above the dog cage rather than alongside it, now that we have 2 dogs, rather than what’s best for both of us. :slightly_smiling_face:

Does the hospital not have wheelchairs available at the entrance that you can use?

David, trying to call you and it won’t even ring, just says call ended

Hope the rdv is useful. Don’t hold anything back from him even if you don’t think it’s very important.
Any extra hours must be good news.

It had occurred to me, but I might ring in the morning, be useful to know. Save a lot of effort as well. :smiley:

A message via the contact form seemed not to go though.

Academic now though as the wonderful @toryroo rang them to say that she couldn’t make it to be with us today and could she defer the rdv till December. The answer was yes but a good job she did as she was told that it was cancelled anyway and a message had been left with my ‘answering service’. :astonished:

No missed call or messages on either of my phones and no calls left on the Orange site either. So a wasted trip to Perigueux avoided anyway. I wonder if that is what happened when I turned up for a hearing test a month or so ago.

I think the lesson learned is to always ring on the morning of the appointment to confirm it is still ‘live’. :wink:

Good point David, we’ve one in early December with a consultant we’ve never met and whose secretary rang to make it some weeks back - I’ll be double checking.