French social care for elderly

I imagine it was a charabanc tour round a number of clients in your area, so perhaps not that inefficient! And they would have all stopped for their €14.50 lunch paid for by the employer so team building too…

You’re beginning to sound a bit like Gill. :rofl:

But I won’t ignore you. :wink: :joy:

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I’ve never heard of it being illegal - though frequently frowned upon and liable to make your employer think you are swinging the lead.

A junior employee in a place I worked in the UK went on holiday then on her return said she’d been sick for a few days of it so would have those days back and take them later as holiday. And she did.

HR looked into it and apparently legally she was right. Not sure if she’d returned from the original holiday with it confirmed with an actual sick note but I suspect so.

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Perhaps this should be in the Good News thread but it is reevant here. Christine, the English aide de toilette for Fran has always gone above and beyond with her care in the limited time allotted to her tasks, but occasionally, if she has a few minutes to spare she sits down with Fran and does some simple linguistic exercises with her.

Amongst other things she used to teach English to non-English speakers and also to people who had suffered some sort of brain damage. One of her props was a set of cards with pictures on. The game is to turn over a card and then remember which of the other cards pair with it. Fran loves it and always reserves her brightest and widest smile for when Christine appears.

Not slow in coming forward she did mention to her office that she had a very good rapport with both of us and how much the little games improved Fran’s mood and sense of well-being and suggested if she could have a little longer after each visit it might be a good idea.

So imagine our surprise when the schedule for next week shows, on both Monday and Friday, a whole hour after the one hour toilette visit (no matter which of them does that) in the morning dedicated entirely to Christine’s interaction with Fran.

Coming only one day after Fran’s violent mood swings were ably demonstrated by her abrupt refusal to allow Gill to take her to the toilet (she said that she had just been when, in fact it was 8 hours since the last time) and then extreme anger at both her and me, slamming her hands so hard on the table that a glass of water jumped from it and was only saved by me grabbing it, and the accusation that we ‘were both ganging up on her’, this is very welcome news.

In the event she did go and after Gill left, with more or less amicable goodbyes, within only a few minutes I was treated to a beaming smile and even a kiss. :astonished: :joy:

Christine’s wicked sense of humour, which amuses me, and also Fran, came to the fore again during the card game. Fran had turned over a picture of some plums but could not remember where its pair was. Without thinking I said ‘I know where the plums are’ to which quick as a flash, Christine said, ‘well you would obviously because you are a bloke’. :rofl: