French Strikes over Pension Age Increase

There is a massive difference starting a business in France to starting one in the UK, there are others who can explain it better then me .
What has how much tax you payed got to do with it?

not sure really Flocreen but it tells you that I was a little unhappy with the way my country was run and I mentioned it.I did not go to the street and riot.

Sorry Hemienu you have misinterpreted.

DrMarkH may have said it clumsily initially, but it’s clear he participated in strikes in support of younger colleagues that would lose due to the proposed change. Whereas due to his own seniority (accident of age and length of service) he himself was not going to be affected.

Fortunately, unlike the UK, France has fraternité.

I agree that limits have to be set, but everyone deserves a little help from all of us.

I think France gets the balance pretty right. I just wish this was more appreciated by some groups in France - but that’s liberté.

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I am with the Tories 100 per cent.
Money does not grow on trees.

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Unless you are part of the magic government circle,

Why have they wasted so much of it? It seems to have mainly been used to line each others pockets.

Tories no longer have any financial credibility.


how do you explain spaffing so much public money up the wall to their rich mates if there is no magic money tree :thinking:
Frankly, I can only think that you have read it somewhere and thought “that’s cool” without giving it a second’s thought or worse, you posted it here to annoy right thinking members and just to wind them up.
Frankly, dear child, I don’t give a rat’s arse for your idiotic view but when you grow up and post more sensible adult content, I might start to read what you say.


I did think after I had replied that perhaps I shouldn’t reply to someone with such a username, I don’t see any point engaging further.


By contrast, chez nous two of us struggle at times to cope with one three year old miniature poodle…


:troll::troll::troll: “I’m trolling along on the crest of the wave,
and the sun is in the sky” :wink:


His claim of bona fides was quite clear, but even if true, does not excuse his indifference to his fellow French union members the confiscation of whose benefits he advocates notwithstanding his “sympathies.” His attitude appears to be, “Well, I’ve got mine…”

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you really do like to endear yourself to people, don’t you.
In an English speaking forum you have the audacity to write of

There is no such thing as “Britspeak” and as for American English, whilst we share a common language mostly it is the spelling differences which set the two aside and which most people would have exposure to.
You might like some reading:

I’m sure your American brusqueness will eventually mellow as you engage further with the members here… perhaps you might like to tell us more about yourself, are you now a French resident and which part of the States are you from.
I have to say that my experience of Americans generally has been a good one. I owned (as much as an alien is allowed to directly) an American registered private aircraft which I flew throughout the UK and Northern Europe and I spent a goodly time in the US (Eastern Seaboard - Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine) getting my Pilots licences and ratings - Commercial and Instrument certificates and found Americans very engaging and extremely pleasant to engage with, just so you know where I stand on this.

Perhaps you were just having a bad day (as I was).

Unless you happen to be a government.

Thatcher popularised the idea that government finances are somehow like domestic finances - it’s an easy model for people to understand, it just happens to be 100% wrong.

Read and get back to us.

Quite, it’s all very well governments being able to effectively create and destroy money on a whim, if all they do is use that ability to feather their own nests, as well as those of their already rich donors and supporters.


At the risk of being boring on this pension topic, it does seem that there has been a rather Manichaean approach by both sides. A fixed pension age may be negotiable; those who do hard physical work, often for long hours could have retirement at 62, while those whose experience comes from the Grandes Écoles might well work in their offices until nearer 70. Both groups may well only draw their pensions for the same number of years, given that the former have a lower life expectancy. This may save some money - the deficit should then be made up by progressive higher taxation. I recognise that this may mean including the ‘better-off’ as well as the rich but these are the people who benefit most from La Vie Française. Room for compromise, surely?


I’m not a French pensioner but a UK pensioner living in France so feel unable and under qualified to address your suggestion but I do support the view of our Parisian professional neighbours that pensions must be affordable for the security of future (to be) pensioners and there has to be a cut-off point somewhere along the way to adjust the age - just not the way it was done to WASPI pensioners!

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WASPI ?give me clue


I appreciate your point of view.
Obviously most people here have decided that they prefer to live and work in France……fine……but all they seem to do is either bleet about the Uk from whence they came or criticise and moan about the French and their various systems of which most ridicule or disapprove of.
My opinion is as valid as Ollie and yet Tech Guru throws his toys out of the pram and gets abusive with his most valid point referring to his arse.
TG must appreciate that there are others who have an opinion different from his and listen and learn.
If it is so bad over there why did you move there?

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I suspect that you are in the wrong forum.

Anonymous accusations and unsupported opinions are given very short shrift here.