Friday Night Takeaway in 33220

We have found that our local community of English, Dutch and the French love a home cooked Indian takeaway. So much so that we have been asked to cook for two, yes two, you heard right, two vendanges recently. The food we cook is exactly as would be made in Indian homes, and not as cooked in bulk in the Indian takeaways. For those with an aversion to chilli we cook without but for those who like a good old fashioned honest Indian meal, no holds barred. Food we cook is cooked to order, weekly fixed menu changes every Monday. You pre order and we cook for collection on a Friday evening. Packed cold so you can reheat and eat at your convenience (the takeaway is not at the end of the road here). There is a place for authentic Indian cooking from the West coast, we think. Worth a shot!


Every other year I go to St Antonin du Val for the Sunday market and to buy another indigo cotton shirt, I now have set of them each having faded to a diffenrent shade of blue. I’m sure you know,probably better than some SF posters, that SAdV was the setting for the ‘feel good’ movie, *The 100 Foot Journey about the rivlary in rural Franc between a Michelin starred resto and an upstart Indian one on the opposite side of the street. I’ve been watching it again this week - we’ve got the DVD, but I found an online version with an English soundtrack and Bangladeshi (!) sub-titles that seemed a more appropriate medium. If people haven’t seen the film it’s a nice way to pass an evening

Despite using an actual French village as the setting, there’s a lot of high quality CGI and if you’re into CGI the website below might be of interest. I think the Parisian resto scenes are a CGI recreation of the resto on the top floor of the Beaubourg (Centre Pompidou).

Oh, and good luck with your curries - wish you were local to us (12300)

Whereabouts are you exactly ?

My son is in Blanquefort, are you close ?

Oh goodness, I wish you were in Brittany!!! We would come on the bike. EVERY Friday!

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That is a really good piece of info. Love that film. Saw it on a flight from London to Mumbai. So apt for that journey. CGI is the difference between the 1900s and the 20s. Amazing what id does to the look and feel but more importantly the budget! Thank you for taking the time to respond. If you ever are in this part of the world come and look us up we are in 33220 (nice part of the world too)

Hello Peter we are in 33220 Saint-Avit-Saint-Nazaire an hour and 15 minutes away from your son. We have a beautiful Saturday market in Saint-Foy-La-Grande. If he happens to come there I could drop off the food to him. Just a thought. Where do you live?

Thanking you kindly. If you ever come to this part of France drop by.

Ok, I will be phoning later so I’ll let him know.
Unfortunately I’m about three hours away in Albi which is tragic cos I love Indian food. The Indian resto in town closed down and finding another is tricky around here.

So, which bit of the ‘West Coast’ are you from ? Bombay, Cochin etc ? I used to be in the Merchant Navy and spent quite a bit of time in some of the Indian ports.

That’s a shame. Would have loved to have you live around here to appreciate our cooking.
I grew up in Bombay aka Mumbai, my father used to work for Tata Hydro. He got transferred there from London when I was 3. So all my formative years were spent in India. Kerala we love and have travelled through the state many a time. Goa was where I did my catering apprenticeship with the Taj Aguada.
Look forward to keeping in touch.

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You are a bit closer than I thought, only about 40 minutes so doable. Can you please give me some details / menu examples / prices etc?

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I sailed with a company which had tramp steamers for a few years and often stopped off at Bombay on the west coast. Some great food of course but the culture shock of the city in the 70s was amazing. I suppose that prepared me for the even bigger culture shock of Calcutta and Chittagong later on…
My favourite stops in that region were Madras and Colombo food wise, I really appreciated the Tamil cuisine which seemed a bit lighter and creamier.

Most definitely
Would be delighted. Please email me on imtiazhasan at MSN dot com and I’ll reply back with this week’s menu and if you would like I can send you our weekly changing menu every Monday. Look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you

Tamil food is what I am featuring next week. Would have been amazing cooking for you. I have a very dear friend who studied at UCL, worked in America and the draw of Calcutta was too much for him so he moved back there. India will always have a special place in my heart.

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Thank you (sorry dont’ know your first name?). May I suggest though that you take your email address off or change it to imitiazhasan at msn dot com as there are speical bots that trawl forums getting any email addresses, and they are of course sold to spammers!
Thanks, Tory

And If you do decide to let us cook for you, when you collect please stop for a drink and a chat. You have been so supportive of my posts since I started posting and asking questions being new to France since we arrived in October of last year.

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Apologies my name is Imtiaz. It’s Imtiazhasan at MSN dot com

Aww thank you, that would be lovely! And just looking at the road it says 40 minutes but I dont’ think, knowing most of the road, that it would take me that long, it is dead easy, through the woods, Gineset, La Force before hitting the main road at Gardonne. Will probably be a school holidays treat as I teach until quite late Fridays in Perigueux.

Was just thinking there are a few other Brits I’ve met recently here so could even see if they want to get an order when I do and I can collect a few!

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That’s very kind of you. Look forward to meeting you when you order. Thank you

I tried (and failed :tired_face:) to get a beer there once, mind you we weren’t looking our best as had just spent a day wreck diving just off the coast near Panjim.

Think there was a prison nearby, full up with european drug smugglers IIRC

Hahahaha! Things did get hectic there at times! Hope they hadn’t mistaken you for an escapee!:slight_smile: