Friday Night Takeaway in 33220

I’m moving to 33220 :grinning:

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Now that is top news! Look forward to meeting.

I am about 500m away from you twice a day as I go to and from work :smiley: I used to work in Mumbai, I loved it.

Seriously? You must drop in and say hello! We are in Saint-Avit-Saint-Nazaire.

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Hi All

We have just been back to the UK and had a great meal in our favourite restaurant in Birmingham. One thing we have missed is Indian food so have been experimenting with our own, King Prawn Puris have been a great success.
I also have worked in Mumbai and New Delhi in India and have experienced some great food. I also worked in Bangladesh, Dhaka and Chittagong but was sadly disappointed by the food. When you consider that a lot of “Indian” restaurants are run by Bangladeshis it is surprising. Our local “Indian” when we lived in the UK was run by Bangladeshis and we used to chat about Chittagong where they had come from.

I am also in the Albi area but travel to Toulouse occasionally, any recommendations for restaurants would be appreciated.



Hi Nick,
Many good restos in and around Albi.
Have you tried the Corsic Aveyron ? It’s on the main road from Albi to Cordes. Nice food at a fair price.

Hi Nick
Would have loved to say I could recommend something in your area but having moved from London in October of last year, Saint-Foy-La-Grande and it’s surroundings is all I know. Sorry. If you do feel the need to get some spice mixes to make your own Vindaloo, Goan Fish Curry, Keralan Beef, Chicken Dhansak, Bombay Biryani, South Indian Dal, Chicken Tikka Masala, Railway Mutton Curry, Lamb Kofta Curry, then give me a shout. We run a Friday Night Takeaway in 33220 and we have found people like yourself that want an authentic Indian experience but either can’t find a good restaurant near where they are or can’t find the spices to make their own. So we can post the spice mixes to you with the recipes. Just get the fresh ingredients and you’ve got yourself an authentic curry made to home recipes.
Hope to hear back from you.
Best regards

What does Imtiaz mean?

Imtiaz or Imtiyaz (امتياز) is a given name of Arabic origin, which means “distinct” or “unique” .

Well you certainly are on here :+1: Good luck on your venture

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Thanking you kindly Sir. That is indeed the meaning. However the name was given as my father was a keen cricketer and in his days there was a Pakistani wicket keeper/ batsman by that name of who he was a great fan. And hence the name I believe!

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Hi Peter

Yes you are right there are good restaurants in Albi, we particularly like Alchemy. I see there is an Indian near the bus depot but don’t know what it is like.

I have been told that there is a very good Indian restaurant in Toulouse but we have not yet tried it.



You’re a six-hour round trip from me, Imtiaz, but I’m sorely tempted…

Do you have a website where you list each week’s menu?

Brian this is mad! You could visit us and stay with us once our gites are ready. However we know someone who has a gite and chamber d’hôte less than 5 minutes from us where you can stop off for the nights d see the Saturday market the next day. We are on FB fridaynighttakeaway33220

For anyone who is interested, there is an online Indian spice shop who are based in Toulouse

This is where I get all my spices and other stuff from. Much better prices than most other online retailers.

If anyone knows of any other France based online places for Indian spices, can they let me know ? There are plenty of places based in Germany or The Netherlands.


Thanks @imtiazhasan , I haven’t seen that one. I’ll give that a look tomorrow.

Just had a quick look now. They’re using a comment from you on the front page of thier website :slightly_smiling_face:. Unless there is another Imtiaz Hasan buying from them !

I think that’s me

I’ve had a good look at the place you recommended @imtiazhasan . It seems much better than the place in Toulouse. Prices are much more competitive for most things I would buy, and the choice is much better. I’ll definitely try them when I need to make another order. Good recommendation :+1::+1:.

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Their online ordering makes it easier to order specially if you know what you want. But it is really exciting looking through the things which we haven’t come across before. Reliable in delivery too. The only negative I would say and a small one at that would be the lack of description or how to use it if you are new to the product.

Thank you for this. Near to us in London were some very good Indian supermarkets. This site seems to have what was in those plus quite a bit more choices.

What’s the nearest thing to Geeta’s mango chutney? Not hot and not oversweet, with biggish chunks. I know I’m not keen on Sharwood’s or Patel’s but wouldn’t know most of the other brands on the site.