Friday Night Takeaway in 33220

Mother’s Gujarati Choond pickle should do the job! A traditional good old fashioned sweet tsngy mango chutney. Hope you like it.

Thanks Imtiaz

Available in Leclerc at la Cavaille, Saint Laurent des Vignes/ Bergerac

No problem at all. Hope you like it

Ta Vero. I will have to watch out for it as and when I get an excuse for a Dordogne tour.

Thanks Imtiaz

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I saw Geeta’s in the Leclerc in Pineuilh too

It’s sometimes in out Carrefour in Carcassonne.

Didn’t know that, I’ll have to have a look next time I’m in there. I’ve actually just bought 2 mangos and I thought I’d have a go at making my own as they seem to be quite costly here, like anything in the ‘international’ isle!

@imtiazhasan looking forward to seeing this weeks menu as I’m on holidays so can make the trip in the opposite direction from work! Do you just do the menu one week to the next? I’m wondering as if you knew the next 2 weeks I could choose the better one for us :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Normally one week to the next but could start to work on the week afters for you to have a look at

If you wouldn’t mind that would be fab then I can choose which week! Thank you!

@imtiazhasan have you got a very dark blue jeepy landrovery looking vehicle? If so I saw you at the lights in Ste Foy on my way to work this week :grin::grin::grin:

I really wish I had. That will be the next car we buy hopefully. No, we drive a very modest Vauxhall Zafira 7-seater with tinted back windows, to accommodate our rather large cold box in the back.

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We have been thinking and would like to carry on the theme from this week where we spoke about the difference between how we cook and what the restaurant s offer.
So to take that further we were thinking of using the theme ‘The Great British Indian Curry Week’

Chicken RoganJosh
Vegan Jalferezi
Aloo Zeera- Potatoes and peas in a cumin and tomato sauce
Restaurant style Tadka Dal
Pilau rice

Spinach and sweet potato pakoras
Papadas and chutney
Mint Raita
Hope this helps

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Thank you! Was a tough choice but I think we are going with this weeks Keralan beef. I’ve just emailed you our order! Look forward to meeting you on Friday.

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That sounds fun - would be interested in a Chicken Tikka Masala, Pilau Rice, Bombay Aloo along with Naan, poppadoms and onion bhajis! That was always our standard order!

Yum!!! I LOVE garlic naan!

This is what we are having this week!

Slow cooked Keralan Beef Stew

Brisket of beef slow cooked with whole spices and simmered in a rich sauce made even richer with a Keralan garam masala blend

Both the meat option and the vegan option come with the following three:

Gujarati Ringan Batata Nu Shaak
Spicy aubergine and root vegetable curry. with mustard and cumin seeds, mild Kashmiri chillies and fresh ginger

Palak Daal
Earthy spinach cooked with French yellow lentils, dried green pes and red lentils

Spicy, fragrant, Basmati Rice

Never have enough of cooking rice this way. Each time I vary the spice levels to give you a new experience. Turmeric, cinnamon sticks, cardamom and cumin, roasted cashews and sultanas.

Our extras this week-all four €10

2 Indian flat breads
2 Poppadums & chutneys
Red onion Raita
Bata Vada - our street food sensation!


Personally I think it was a good decision!

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We’re in 33 too…! But Waze tells me it’s 98 miles and 2 hours’ drive each way :sob:

My other half picked up 8 mangos from Lidl last week and made some. It tastes great. Can ask her for her recipe, if you don’t already have one.

I also picked up loads of packs of poppadoms when I was last in the UK. Went to the local Indian supermarket and emptied their shelves so should hopefully be good for a few months :smile: Had previously bought some on Amazon but they were awful quality.

Yes please Gareth! Although I think I may have let them go past it!