From property purchase through renovation

Now you only need too pressure wash the stone wall and it will pop

Time for a few more puctures:

Windows & Shutters are now in

I am pleased with the traditional appearance of the windows:

Had to add an I-beam in the kitchen as too much movement in bedroom floor above:

One room now fully plastered:

Electrics & plumbing now in, this was installing network lead throughout:

Trenches dug throughout garden to allow for cables to be run:


Wow… well done !!!

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Looking good Mat :+1::+1:

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That looks great mat :+1:

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Hi Matt - this is an old post I think. Could I ask please where you got the windows in this picture. They look lovelyFiona .

Hi Fiona - this is an old topic but was updated recently. The windows were installed about 2 weeks ago (early Oct 2020).

They were made by a company on edge of Bordeaux called Laporte - they were installed by an excellent craftsman from St Foy la Grande-let me know if you want his details.