From property purchase through renovation

Thanks for the fabric link Mat. Are they local to you? I can’t see if they deliver nationally…

(Been looking for a supplier as we use it extensively on our veg patch and plant through it. Our stocks are running low…)

They delivered to me - we are about 100km from them so I imagine they deliver nationally.

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Excellent, Mat - thank you - very useful indeed!
(And apologies for the name error…I’m losing the plot…)

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Slightly more boring this week, we have finally managed to get a Zingeur to add flashing to the chimney which has been leaking into the bedroom below, and kitchen below that. This is such a relief to get this done.

I have been so pleased with the contractor that I have engaged him to do the 2 chimneys at our other house.

(if anyone want détails of à Zingeur near St Foy la Grande send me a pm)


It’s sometimes the little things that are the most difficult. Not enough money in it to be a priority for an artisan, but needs expertise.


2 out of 3 bathrooms done.

Finally got round to start decorating- progress seems pretty quick, floors are cleaning up well and benefiting from a quick lick of varnish.

Sorry poor photo.

Log burner also going in to the dining room.


First bit of furniture into the house finally

The wardrobe came with the house when we bought the house so it is nice to put it back in its place.


It fits nicely into that alcove. Looks good as well.

Looking great! What varnish did you use on the floors, I like that colour. Our bedroom is pretty scratched and that nasty slightly orange colour!

It was a clear varnish - but it did change the colour of the wood as it soaked in.

It was this (unfortunately sourced in UK)

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A quick update. I have been working on the smallest room in the house, toilet under the stairs.

Frustrating to do and has probably taken to door than the 8m2 bathroom upstairs!

As I was about to seal of access to the staircase I took the opportunity to reinforce them (now feel solid) :

Then build a wall to seal off the area which was a very tricky shape under the leaning stairs and curved wall:

Bathroom i(WC) is now finished:

(appreciation of the curved wall is compulsory!)

Also added some wine boxes to a new door as it looked too plain:

Just trying to work out if we should stain the doors slightly - I would be grateful for opinions on staining the boxes.

Stain wine boxes?
  • Yes
  • No

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Next renovate fireplace in the lounge to accept log burner.


Lovely work Mat. :grin:

Looks lovely!

Excellent - and I think that curved wall is very fine Indeed :slightly_smiling_face:

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quick question? why do people leave the toilet seat/cover up?
Perhaps it’s an age thing (or living in a household as a youngster with 3 females - mother and 2 sisters) where putting the seat/cover down was mandatory…
Still do it to this day having been drummed in to me!

Curved wall looks very curvy, tiling is great and good to see you built a bookshelf next to the toilet​:smiley:. Did you put the door handle on wonky on purpose, or just waiting to see if you’re going to stain the door first :wink:?

It is only a temporary handle - off to Bordeaux tomorrow to buy handles for a few doors - blimey they are expensive!

Love the curved tiling, very elegant.

Had it been me I’d have routed pipework to put in a suspended toilet as cleaning round the other side of that one will requires some gymnastics…

(Wine boxes will age naturally and look real. If you stain them risks looking like something bought from maisons de monde.)


Agreed - if I were to do it again I would have gone for a suspended as it would have given more space.

just take the floor out - it’ll be suspended then :slightly_smiling_face:
I’ll get my coat [groan]