Fruity supermarkets

I don’t think I can honestly believe my ears listening to Radio 4 this morning. An odd article about a lady, 37 years old, who was asked to prove that she was over 18 in order to buy melons. Why? Because fruit can be distilled into alcool. Apparently, The supermarket chain is thinking of extending this policy to all fruit.

What is it with the uk? There is no longer a sense of reality. Does this mean apple trees will have a government health warning and are there not a thousand and one more burning issues?

Surely it's not a legal requirement to carry ID in the UK? Or are people being forced into such a life? Soon you will not be able to pay by cash but forced to use contactless or debit card so they can predict your forthcoming likely spending needs. I was touched recently when I started receiving internet marketing for a new Bentley. That was, however put firmly into perspective by the far more frequent publicity I receive on stairlifts........

It seems to me that Tesco dug a hole for itself, because their sales people couldn't justifying a Tesco action, so matter how stupid. The alarm requiring Id was obviously an error, requiring a simple apology but they had to be clever. Perhaps they think the publicity will help make up the losses.

Yeah - good story, isn't it? Why let the truth get in the way? I think I may expand it into a blog somewhere or other...☺

Spoil sport, we were enjoying this :-(

I took a look into this story. The Tesco customer service rep had actually been attempting a joke, which was misconstrued. Red Top UK press will jump on anything critical of Tesco at the moment, understandably. But regrettably this really is a non-story.

We also have had for some time the fact that you can only buy small packets of paracetemol etc. to stop us committing suicide.

If you are shopping with your other half you can have two bills and buy two small packets, or, heaven forbid, go to more than one supermarket.

These rules are supposed to stop us poor folk from killing ourselves, but to my mind, it shows more about the mental state of those who make these absurd regulations.

Dumbing, dumbing, dumbing down and it seems we can do nothing about it, otherwise we will be told do you want people to die!

Certainly a bit weird came over but as we know he was on a course of self destruction and plenty have done that, but not just comics. His delivery was superb. He was perfect for those grey days of the fifties moving into the seventies but perhaps he realised that his type of humour would not really work much longer. The film the Artist was a case in point.

Could even drive them underground !

Was Anthony Hancock a comic genius or just a bit 'weird' ? Serious question.

“No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness.” as old Aristotle said - did he have a point ?

My parents gave me a party for my 17th birthday. It was in a converted barn at Blindley Heath in Surrey and in the bar in the next room was propped up one of their regulars Anthony Aloysius Hancock. I knew most of the lines of his half hours by heart and still quote them when the need arises. Can't remember where I put the car key though! "That should be the salvation of the wool industry" of Hattie knitting a new jumper. "An armful" of the famous blood transfusion. Earlier still I saw the Crazy Gang in London. I was actually a child extra in a very bad film with Max Bygraves, Eric Sykes and Maurcice Denholm. That was the beginning, and the end, of my career in comedy. My five year old daughter shows some talent- at least to me!But then i would say that wouldn't I? (Never met Mandy, but did share a pub with Christine).

Have the Daily Wail not realised the possible implications for house prices of neighbours growing fruit or (heaven forbid!) potatoes in their gardens?

Yep, Sid James circa 1968.

I'm afraid most of my jokes are even older than Brian !

Haven't heard that one since I chucked out my velvet loons Peter!

Suppose she was just keeping abreast of the situation ?

Far out man !!!

All that vodka they could make, sure...

As for onions! The rumour will go round that young people are meeting in secret places to sniff onions! Tell-tale signs are tears and sniffing. Addiction may result in escalation to serious garlic use!

So I expect this will extend to potatoes next

Smoke it!

Wheat, hmm spoiled for choice there. Weizenbier, whiskey (Irish stuff) and some vodkas.