Funny Names

Our local hairdresser seems to be indicating its specialism:

“Fanny Coiffure” in Villefranche de Lonchat

Everyone is diversifying these days

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L’Arsenic Café near to us, never tried it!

My late missus’s doctor in the UK was Dr Killcross.

The former Warford FC footballer Fitz Hall was nicknamed ‘One Size’…

I knew a Walter Wall, he did not fit carpets :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


This is the one I know

My word there is more than 1 - and I seem to remember French ladies being famous for their underarm hair - I may have been wrong all along.

Almost forgot - Pratt’s Bottom, used to live a few miles away when I was young.

Great Snoring in Norfolk is just that…

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The rector of the village where I spent my childhood retired to Little Snoring



Er, a fanny isn’t an underarm, clearly shome mishtake.

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Six Mile Bottom near Cambridge used to make me snort.

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There’s a dr at the clinic in Berg called Maniac* which is rather wonderful though alas it doesn’t mean the same thing in Fr and Eng.

*spelt Magnac

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Had many a happy time at the Crispin Inn at Ham.

There’s a lot of them about!


When I was a staff nurse in London(1980) the houseman on my ward was a Dr Fear,one of the registrars was Dr Clore and the other was Dr Gore(who sadly died recently after I think a yellow fever jab)
I always used to laugh at Wyre Piddle(I think in Worcs UK)and when first came to France was astounded to see someone walking round with a T shirt with Athletes Foot written on the front(maybe from a sport shop)
Also Tati shops(dothey still exist ?)

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Yes I used to know it well, we seem to know the pubs in the area maybe our paths have crossed over the years?
Here’s another funny name this time for a pub, it used to be called The Green man.

I used to pass a lane on my bus journey to Lancaster which said Crematorium and underneath one Way Street.


Farce being the French word for stuffing, presumably he is a specialist in fillings!