Future of bank accounts Brits in France

The topic relating to Barclaycard and account closure seems to have drifted into Brexit recriminations …Brexit is now an unfortunate fact! (To most if not all).
Knowledge on this needs to be shared without it getting bogged down in Brexit replay!
So what is known as to which banks are intending to do what?
Who has actually received closure letters, rather than just "heard " they might be closed?
Why are banks still thinking about it after four years as “passporting” has no connection to a trade deal.
Are there any workarounds like using a relatives address?
How easy will it be to open a new account with new bank as an expat ?
Would having a joint account with say a sibling or son/daughter who have uk residency be acceptable.
If uk banks close accounts wholesale in January it is going to cause all kinds of problems for any UK national without a meaningfull uk address and who still has sterling income or assets.
Can we try and get the facts as it will help us all

There is already a huge thread on this issue, best to keep all the info in one place. Some of your questions will be answered already and any new info is added as it is released:

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I think this is an attempt to create a new thread, away from the confused or angry reactions of the dispossessed, which can focus on the future. What options are available to us, are they viable, and who can use them, etc. For my part, I think that makes sense, so members who have proposals or who are looking for ideas can come straight here.
Perhaps workable ideas on the other thread can be transferred?

Two threads on the same issue has often meant confusion and missed important points.
And who is to say that this one won’t drift anyway?
Like it or lump it, this issue is about Brexit and you cannot escape that fact. There is no facility to port comments from one thread to another.
I think this one should be locked @cat

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As @graham said !

I am closing this thread as we will then just have two threads about the effect of Brexit in terms of how it affects UK bank accounts being closed !

Have a nice (albeit wet) Friday everyone !

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