GB stickers to be replaced with UK

Seems our Gov haven’t got much to do these days and are likely to enforce the UK stickers on cars at the end of September. The old GB stickers will go and possible fines for not changing.

Gordon Bennett !!!


Seems bizarre to me! OK, Northern Ireland have (I think?) been using GB stickers all the time they’ve been around (50 years? More?) so why change now? Haven’t they got anything more important to sort out :roll_eyes:

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Seems odd given that the relevant ISO county code is, indeed, GB


But they (the British government) don’t think they need to conform or comply with any normal recognised standards, so why should this be different. The next thing will be a government decree stating that BA (the airline) will have to rebrand.

Wonder what they will do when Scotland buggers off?

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Maybe Grant Shapps has a friend, relative or neighbours who print number plates?
However a numberplate printing company has said as usual not enough notice of any change to be ready. That’s unusual for this gov…


I don’t have time to check but this seems to be questionable (I.e is someone pulling the Internet’s collective leg).

It makes no sense to insist on a “UK” stocker on British registered vehicles in the UK, in the same way that you don’t need a GB sticker when at home presently.

And the rest of the world gets to say what they want on our cars if they are being driven outside the United Kingdon - not the UK Ggovernment.

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well, hardly surprising as Britain isn’t great any more :roll_eyes:


Not a paper I ever read but…

I resisted the urge to link to newspapers.

Except the Express isn’t a newspaper… :thinking:

Apparently it is a thing.

Solidarity with NI is about the most pathetic reason imaginable given that the government has, thus far, shown no solidarity with NI at all.

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But you do read it. hmmm.

No actually, I don’t @rocam and I didn’t read this one. It’s just that Paul was looking for verification and that was what I found on a search.

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Wouldn’t surprise me.

It seems to be an unnecessary change but the sort of thing that will make the unwashed masses quiver with the sovereignty of it all.


I found it on a motoring magazine but nothing on the gov site yet which is not a surprise as the covid symptoms havent changed to reflect the summer cold type symtoms.
Also lets not give notifications otherwise we wont make any money from fines :hot_face:

the interesting bit is yet to come perhaps… will the EU ports allow non standard UK stickers :thinking:

When I lived in S Africa’s Eastern Cape Province they introduced new ‘picture licence plates’ that became compulsory on all EC vehicles. Not too surprisingly it turned out that the sole franchise for the new plates was held by a close relative of the provincial minister who’d proposed the legislation.

Apologies for having previously posted this EC plate on another thread, but think what the possibilities could have been if the UK had opted for something similar - a Beefeater and a jar of Marmite perhaps (sure the latter would be well received on SF)

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Not suprising that Johnson wants to change ‘Going Broke’ but ‘United Kingdom’ surely is
further from the truth than it’s been for some years.
What business is it of the UK gov anyway what identification is applied to British registered cars when they are leaving the country. Is it to help Pretty awful Patel weed out evil assylum seekers when cars come back from trips.

I do not think even BJ can just change this. The format is governed by Geneva & Vienna Convention and maintained by United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.
Or will this be just another agreement UK signed up to that he welches on !!!