Getting around new Youtube restriction on ad-blockers

I switch among several browsers for different purposes. I have a browser I use only for Facebook, for example.

I’ve settled on Brave for most of my browsing on the laptop (since I don’t have a MacBook) and it’s been good so far.


Used Brave a few hours this afternoon and it’s worked very well so far. Gonna keep on testing more this weekend but I like it so far. Thanks for the suggestion, @Bonzocat


Maybe, will be an interesting one to watch but I’m not holding my breath (anyway, I’m in the UK so now outside any protection EU legislation might offer).

Rossman’s take on it.

Since the start of YouTube’s blocking efforts I have been using uBlock Origin with Firefox without any problems or reappearance of YT’s attempts to moan at me.


My son is also reporting no problems using uBlock origin so I might switch from adblock plus

I’m using it too. The message from Youtube comes up from time to time but my viewing is mostly unhindered.

Sounds promising. With the power of the internet we should stop all advertising to reduce consumerism. Just go search when you actually need something.

Right - definite up-vote for ublock origin, looks like my adblocker affiliation has changed :slight_smile:

Ah, OK, that didn’t last :frowning:

Brave still good though.

Also AdBlock Icon with Safari, for those who swing that way.

I’m using Adblock browser for YouTube only, no publicity. Occasionally I get a pop up from them telling me how many things they have blocked and would I be a good sport and send them 0.01cts.

If anyone’s using Brave and their Vpn, any feedback will be welcome.

I’m using Brave. But I’ve never seen these warnings on any of the browsers I use (Chrome, Firefox, Opera – even Safari).

As an experiment, in Brave I turned off all the ad-blocking extensions I’ve installed, which are
Adblock Plus
uBlock Origin

I was logged in to YT and Google.

I turned off the VPN (a standalone one, not the one built into Brave - I haven’t tried or needed that)

and, despite viewing multiple videos, I still didn’t see any warnings.

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Just came across this, which looks very promising:

Haven’t tried it yet, probably give it a go tomorrow when I’m not so busy.

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Ad Speedup is very effective. It’s only available for Chrome Desktop at the moment, but I hope they develop a similar Android app in the near future.

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It’s an interesting approach as it presumably doesn’t violate YT terms, it still interrupts content though.

I still view all of this as a symptom of the ad industry having got things badly wrong at the moment - pushing disruptive ads at people seems to me to be a terrible (not to mention ineffective) way of generating sales.


Hence “Just Stop Advertising” Is YT bound by the ASA as many of its add are misleading. Advertising just fuels consumerism, plenty of available information when people actually need to buy/replace something without being bombarded every few minutes and the YT grifters who feature more ads to boost their incomes, most of the people I watch dont have ads like John Darko for one.

Same here. I don’t block the ads from YT, as they’re not really that onerous, and I don’t watch long videos anyway. What I do do is use Bitdefender anti tracker as I have the anti-virus. It blocks all third party cookies and all trackers. YT isn’t actually too bad for tracking, but some websites are terrible, trying to use 50 or more trackers simultaneously.

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I never bothered with anything like that but I’m now wondering whether I should. Never used antivirus apart from when I was younger, but so far have never (according to Malwarebytes) had a virus.

I just looked at the Bitdefender website, and Ghostery, and am none the wiser as to how these things work.

Are there any downsides to using one of the free ones like Ghostery?

Ghostery causes a very occasional website to not work well IME. But it’s shockingly good as it reveals just how many trackers, beacons kick in when you use sites that you would never have thought…

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I used to use AVG free edition, which was very good. Over time though, it just ended up making the machine slower and slower to the point where disabling it made a vast difference. That’s when I went to Bitdefender.
There actually is a free edition of Bitdefender, but I don’t know how it differs from the paid version. I wanted to cover 3 machines at once, with the lowest tier of paid version does, so I went for that. A link for the free edition is

I think it’s very good and so worth a try for free :+1:

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