Getting back to France again in pandemic times

Hello Everyone,

I have a question regarding returning to my home in France via Spain. Has someone recently had this journey? I exchanged info with others last year and found it useful to hear that after all the fuss and worry that entering France via the north west of Spain was simple - my French car registration was enough along with a few words in French to the police check who then waved me though. I was coming from the country with the highest incidence of this deadly disease (Spain) at the time (April last year) and was amazed at how uncomplicated it was after hearing horror stories from others who claimed that there was no way on earth I could enter Spain and then enter France without magic or some other godly trick.
Thanking you in advance for your help.

Where have you been that you need to return home?

On holidays.

Yes sure in a worldwide pandemic,with travel restrictions in place


Last April was pretty early on. There is more awareness now, and more controls. Here is information about testing and so on - but the idea of going on holiday to another country right now seems rather self-centred. We are all being encouraged to stay at home - wherever home is.


Oh oh :flushed:


Thanks Jane Jones for the info. It appears that people returning home are given free passage. Difficult to understand those who are not European. I’ve been a European for thirty years, so live in Europe. There are lots of arrogant silly remarks on the site, made by people with nothing to do but make comments about things that have nothing to do with them. I use the site to get information - not for entertainment. Apologies to those who feel angry about that.

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Where did you sleep last night Eddie? Did you speak to strangers? Lots of silliness here for those with nothing to occupy themselves.

Live life and Love it!

Nobody’s challenging your European credentials Kenneth. I think however, some are concerned at the wisdom of trolling around Europe in the middle of a pandemic. If you get a dose, fair enough, but what about those you infect?

I think you’ve got a touch of " Dominic Cummings" syndrome :wink: I suggest you check your eyesight carefully before heading to the border.


Phew! Thanks for posting that, Jane. Just the info I need.

A sale of my flat in Valencia is now in prospect. The viewers are talking the same sort of number as the list price. Attending to sale of principle residence and removals should qualify as legitimate reason for travel.


That sounds very promising, Chris! :crossed_fingers:

Hello. My husband and I have just driven all the way from north of Bayonne, FR where we live, to the south of Spain to help my elderly mother move out of her house. We did carry negative Covid tests, documents from the lawyer and so on, so we were not worried driving 1100 km. We did not get stopped once or looked at in Spain.
To return to France next Saturday, we have to have negative PCR tests done within 72 hours to enter.
I have also printed out a “ Engagement sur l’honneur… “ to add, plus proof of address.
We passed the police as we drove through the last péage in FR before Irun/Hendaye. Guess they will still be there when we return.
Good luck :four_leaf_clover:


Hi Cap’n,

I presume you know all about the CGT for France? I looked into French CGT when thinking about selling my UK property. As you haven’t rented your apartement it remains your principle private residence and therefore exempt from CGT. Except the national tax bod says foreign properties can’t benefit - the tax law is only for france properties… though the local tax offices are happy to consider it a PPR. Mind you, for you I guess it’s down to the France / Spain DTT?

Also PS - have you had your temporary health number yet? Following the eventual arrival of the S1 we had the CPA RDV almost exactly a month ago - the lady said it would be about a month for the temp numbers.

Thanks Gitte.

[quote=“gitte61, post:13, topic:34339”]
Engagement sur l’honneur… “
[/quote] What’s that?

[quote=“larkswood12, post:14, topic:34339”]
it remains your principle private residence. [/quote]

Just so. And if one is still a resident of ES and subject to ES taxation regs - no CGT on principal residence for the over 65’s, inc non-Spanish - would the double taxation treaty not apply?

Or - more to the point - how can the sale of a property in another country by a resident of that country be subject to FR taxation?

Yes Dave. I have my temp SS# and a piece of paper attesting to my acceptance into the FR NHS. My papers were presented in person and checked over as all good on Dec 9th. The temp bumph arrived some time in w/c Feb 15th. Best guesses, round this village pump, is that yer actual CV takes 6 months!

And yet, I had a full-on X-Ray at St Lo hospital with not a single piece of paper, of the following list, being present - not even my passport, the only bit I managed not to leave at home.

This is in today’s El Pais [English edition]

“Checks are being conducted at airports and seaports, but not at land borders.”


" “The regions can seal off their territory to prevent arrivals from other regions, but they cannot stop a European citizen from entering. Only the executive can do that, by announcing the closure of its borders,” said a legal source."


“One of the conditions for entry is showing a negative PCR test taken 72 hours before arrival. But this only applies to sea and air arrivals, as there are no controls at land borders. Many visitors from neighboring France have been driving into Spain in recent months. Data from the Frontur tourism survey shows that in January, 72,513 French nationals came to Spain for leisure purposes, and that three out of every four came in via land borders.” My italics

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I am with you Eddie…no matter where you slept last night at least you did not put the rest of France at risk with your selfishness and Macronistic attitude towards spreading disease. Never mind…he can always save himself with the British wonder cure.

British national aren’t european citizens…


“ Engagement sur l’honneur… “ is I imagine a description of the standard attestation sur l’honneur.


Surprised you managed to get through he hospital dragons without your ordnance…

@anon90721579 - your registration is not complete - you have not given your full name.