Ghosted by someone

Has anyone else been “ghosted” by someone. For me it’s an email contact and there doesn’t seem to be any reason for it. I suppose there is nothing that can be done. Just have to get over it. Any suggestions?

Stick the sender’s address into your spam filter then forget about it.

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Or sign them up to lots of “get rich quick” schemes :smiley:


I had to look it up but there is one person who has done that but I think, rather than deliberate to make a point, it is simply pure ignorance and can’t be arsedness.

And sometimes your response gets stuck in your outbox and you’re left wondering why the other person hasn’t seen your email … Mrs P being a case in point!

Among those I know it seems to happen to girls who won’t give a boy the quick fling that he wanted - a way for the boy to make the sense of failure disappear for them. In that case the answer is usually to get on with their lives and not worry about losing something they never had.

Among the more mature it may well just be things 'getting lost in the post '.


The list of people I wish would ghost me seems to get longer and longer by the day, the trouble is it’s never the ones you want to just crawl back under the rock they came from and never darken your door again that actually do, those people hang around :joy:

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With certain email addresses you can ‘block’ senders from ever entering your mailbox

How to Block Emails on iCloud

  1. Open the Mail app on your Mac.
  2. Select a message from the certain sender.
  3. Move the mouse pointer to the name in the message header.
  4. Select Block Contact to display the Blocked icon next to the sender’s name.

There is also a simple method to block unwanted emails from Outlook Mail. However, Gmail does not have blocking, only a method to select and divert so you still need to find the folder and delete.

The advantage, or disadvantage, perspective depends on if the sender is, say, a sticky commercial sender or is just someone you no longer want to hear anything from. Triggering ‘block’ on your email server means that the sender may receive an ‘undeliverable’ notification.

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I am a little confused on the term Ghosted, I thought that if you ghosted someone you simply just didn’t send them an email, from what I am reading here it seems to be the opposite when someone is harassing you all the time.

Ghosting someone usually seems to mean treating them as if they no longer exist, ignoring all messages and other forms of contact.

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Thanks, I now see the need to block someone in that situation, same as dealing with spam. :smiley:

so like “dropping” them or “blanking” them digitally I guess.

Can be a hurtful cruel tactic, but seems to have become accepted in the modern world…


I first came across the expression through a colleague who, after she started getting divorced, had an old friend get in contact with a view to having a quickie without strings. When she declined the offer she said that he ghosted her, only to come back several years later in the same hope, and with the same outcome when that failed.

Communication ‘ghosting’ is merely a tech tool of new social behaviour. Someone of an older generation may be more inclined to politely continue replies to someone whom they would rather not speak with. Young persons not so much.

‘Ghosting’ on social media and email can be used more aggressively, like the old idiom, ‘sending to Coventry’. Another word used now is to ‘blank’ someone.

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When I don’t respond to someone, it’s more likely to be due to memory loss :roll_eyes: I’m not sure that I’d notice if someone “ghosted” me either but then I don’t use internet communication a great deal I suppose…


Ghosting almost always affects women, I think.

Remember, if he finishes with her, she wonders, “What’s wrong with me?”

And if she finishes with him, he asks himself, “What’s wrong with her?”


Ghosting is often a form of passive agressive bullying. People, especially young persons, can be anxious to be liked, so being ghosted is hurtful.


Umm… he probably forgot he’d tried the first time.

Thing is, with tech communications it costs the sender absolutely nothing to try. Except perhaps, his dignity :roll_eyes: