Gite Spoils

We did our first proper changeover of the season today, the guests left the following -

One Euro and 20 cents, pate, ham, milk, Ribena, ice cream, water, couscous and a pack of croque monsieur all of which were unopened.

Not a bad haul IMO, anyone usually do better?

Ours usually/very often bring us a bottle of wine (if they come from a wine area) or regional biscuits/jam/honey. And we often get a bowl of leftovers for the dog. But we never find so much as a centime.

The lot that left this morning brought us nothing, and left a half eaten pack of horrible crisp type things - bright orange and with a huge list of additives. They also took wood from our wood stack without asking (it’s not that cold and we had left central heating on, so actually no need for a fire at all), and even worse, from the tower at the end of the stack that was holding the whole thing up! So you did far better…

New arrivals turned up at 16.01 so I have high hopes for them being orderly, well behaved clients.

I used to clean at a small park of 18 holiday villas on Saturdays and we used to find all sorts of things left behind by clients. Just about every type of food imaginable (even dog food) as well as toilet rolls, toiletries, cleaning products etc. Sometimes even beer, wine and spirits. We used to divvy it all up between us and it was a real bonus on top of our SMIC level wages.

It was always great to find ice creams/ice lollies and cold drinks when it was really hot in July and August. We once found a couple of frozen pizzas and cooked them in the villa for our lunch. :pizza:

We love it when people fly as they can’t take anything back.:grinning:


You’d have hated us - when we did stay in a gîte we aimed to always leave the place as we found it - tidy, clean and with no left-overs :slight_smile:

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I found 20c under the sofa cushion once, about as good as it gets here. I have found piss stained pants, and once a size FM bra under a bed - deffo not treasure

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We often find bits and pieces in the 'fridge, but our last guests last year actually bought us a wonderful bottle of Cotes de Rhone because they were so pleased with their stay.

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The houses we manage are big and expensive to stay at so maybe that has a bearing on what’s left behind, one family gave us 40 Euros last year because they were an hour late leaving. Over the years we’ve had all sorts of stuff, a Bluetooth speaker, designer clothes, sunglasses, countless bottles of wine and beer, months supply of ketchup and mayo, a paddling pool, toys and enough shower gel to last a lifetime.

We have one gite, but it is like a home from home, magnificent views and a beautiful pool.

Our clientele are pretty normal families, who are more here for the environment than flash pool-side holidays. So designer clothes are not much in evidence - it’s more walking boots and old shorts. A few of the bikes are rather special tho’, so would be happy to have one of those left behind. Not happened yet…

Our biggest house charges up to £3k per week in the summer and is always full, yesterday’s family arrived in two £50k Audis with private plates.

Good luck with them then :laughing:

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You may be underestimating there as it doesn’t take many optional extras to blow a 50k budget on an Audi.

Am I missing something?

Longstanding running joke about Audis or rather their drivers.
Sorry, not particularly funny.
Not envy btw :wink:

£3k/week! They should be leaving you a 40 year old bottle of armagnac, not ribena!

Well,our little house for four charges 1300 euros a week and they have just rocked in a brand new Discovery.
They are in their 70’s.

I think it’s ‘rocked up’.:grinning:

Disco’s are cheap, FIL has one as his main car and they’re only about £30k.

I think there are only about 5 gîtes round here that are over 1,000€/week, and most of those it’s because they are bigger than us. Only one I can think of that I class as dead posh - internal swimming pool, stocked bar, that sort of thing.

But we like our clients with their tatty cars…

I think you are right.
The pool is my luxury as it is easier for me to swim than to take other forms of exercise.
You can see us at
Jim made the kitchen himself.