Good steaks in France?

After 12 years of visiting the area I have finally found an eaterie serving tender Angus steaks properly hung, they also serve cod & hand cut chips. I forgot they also do a wicked curry.
The Hook Bar, Boisredon 17150.

It’s a myth that France doesn’t do good steak!
Not only restaurants but the chains too.
We had a very good steak at Hippo in Bordeaux, close to Bdx hospital which was fantastically tender and delicious - just right to set me up for a 3 day visit for heart surgery [well, my MT had told me to eat more beef to improve my iron intake].
Have also eaten steak in restaurants around France where the meat is char-grilled on an open fire.

I love Onglet, just shown a hot pan, 30 secs on both sides… then onto my plate… soft, succulent… melt in the mouth… yummy. But it is not often on the menu… :roll_eyes:

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Is monkey steak a singlet?

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you soppy date…:rofl: If I ever see Onglet on the menu… I go for it… but it is no use for anyone who hates blood.

I have had some very nice steaks in France over the years I think the more blood you can tolerate the better

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I’m usually disappointed when I order steak in France, tough but tasty. Shame they don’t hang the meat for a few weeks it would be tender. This Irish place is a find.

In French places duck breast is a safer option.

How do you like your steak cooked? That makes a difference. I like it almost raw or indeed entirely raw, and toughness is never a problem.

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In the UK I order medium rare, in France medium.

I’m rarely disappointed when I eat steak in France. I’ve always taken that particular ex-pat myth with a large pinch of salt. Mind you I’m sure that the main objective, giving yet another Brit owned watering hole a plug a mention, has been successful. Personally if I wanted fish and chips in Charente Maritime I’d go to the place by the Port de Minimes.

I suspect the Irish place is your “local” when you are in France… and why not… :hugs:

Mmmmm Steak Tartare. No worries about how well it is cooked :yum:


It’s the searing of the steak that improves the taste, raw wouldn’t be so good. The Irish bar is my local when I’m over.

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A thin seared crust and raw inside is good. I like meat properly bloody. Tartare, carpaccio, pieces of stuff I am cutting up with a bit of salt on them… lovely

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In Super U in Prisse ypu can get 50 day aged mest. You will have to pay a fortune for it though.

I never, ever order or buy beef in France - absolute rubbish based on 30 years experience. I don’t eat raw meat - far too risky. I like my meat seared, tasty and tender - rare as rocking horse shi* in France. Each to their own and if you’re lucky enough to find great steaks here then bravo! I’ll stick to duck…

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We’re lucky in that we have both an excellent butcher in the local town, and with a café that serves homemade “Black Angus” burgers…

We’ve been to L’Entrecote in Bordeaux a couple of times which is pretty good if you just want simple steak and chips.

The menu Charollais at Auberge LaRochette, Bourgvillain serves marvellous steaks.
Our friend, who owns two large destination pubs in the southwest said that it was the best steak he had ever eaten.
If you want good food, you have to pay for it.
We have a piece of beef sometimes at the Restaurant de Midi in Trivy, which is tasty, but the whole menu is 14 euros and excellent value, but you cannot compare the two.