Good visit for family and kids... have you tried it?

Have you visited lately… I went years ago… great fun… but even more nowadays I reckon.


I tried it a few years back and only went on the more ‘sedate’ attractions. A novel experience and fun.

The best attraction I ever visited was Puy du Fou, we were on holiday with my mum and decided to take her there after reading that it had good access for wheelchair users. Wasn’t too sure whether it would be suitable for 3 adults but it was fantastic! A truly amazing experience that we still talk about, hope to go back one day.
If ever you get the chance then do go, it’s a fabulous day out and there was so much to see and do we couldn’t fit everything in ! :slight_smile:


Not being one for scary rides, my unexpected favorite day out was Guedelon. Completely fascinating and interesting things for all ages. We expected to be there a few hours, and ended up being there all day. Plus you can take the dog in with you!

Futuroscope is not about scary rides. Guedelon is lovely but not the same sort of thing at all.

Looks interesting Jane but access for wheelchair users is all important for me. That’s why I loved Puy du Fou, the spectacles were totally amazing, the bal des oiseau was fantastic, with wheelchair users actually placed right in front of where the birds promenade. In fact all of the spectacles had reserved places for disabled visitors, we were allowed in first and there was special transport to take us around various areas.

I really can’t praise Puy du Fou enough, believe me if we lived closer I would be there more often and would certainly be a volunteer :slight_smile:

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Medieval building sites weren’t that good on disabled access…maybe one day when it’s further advanced. It’s interesting the wide range of what are essentially activity parks.

May only be virtual reality but that sounds scary to me!

Most of the attractions at Futuroscope are within cinemas, showing IMAX, 3D and interactive films. Even the brilliant Dancing with Robots has three levels of activity and none of them are anything like the adrenaline producing rides of the Disney style theme parks. Their end of evening show with lasers, fireworks and film projected onto fountains is pretty good too.

great but very expensive if you want to see it all and make a couple of days out of it.

good thing with it though is the multiple language function with the boxes. added costs too though.

Actually Harry I thought the prices were reasonable for the number of spectacles you can see. Also all around the site are other fascinating things like the Medievel village where you can see artisans actually producing things the ‘old way’.
I also loved Le Monde imaginaire de la Fontaine where various statues react and speak.
A moving experience was Les amoureux de Verdun, but I could go on and on …

I wonder how many of you have actually visited Puy du Fou and what you thought of it ?

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It is good value for what you get but as costs for a day out go its on the expensive side and accommodation packages for a couple of days there are really high. it was reviewed in France that is was above the means of about 80% of the populace and yes ive been it was fantastic. waiting a few more year to take the kids so they get the most out of it.

Reasonable priced for what it is but reasonable for the average family unfortunately its out of allot of peoples budgets.

If you include accomodation costs then yes it can be high, but then any ‘attraction’ that you then pay hotel fees on top works out expensive.
I was already in the area on holiday so no need to fork out extra for accomodation, restaurants etc; spent a whole day there for what I still say was a reasonable price !
Also because I booked tickets in advance on line I had a special price :slight_smile:
PS cheaper than Futuroscope and a much better experience in my point of view !

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Puy du Fou is well placed to attract visitors who are already on holiday in the area. Light aircraft tow advertising banners all the way along the coast from a Royan up to the Loire. It’s a great day out for people who already have accommodation. Is it really cheaper than Futuroscope? If so that’s very good value.


We visited puy de fou years ago and thought it was amazing. It’s grown since then and we want to go back. The amazing thing when we went was a lady with a bear on a chain like a dog on a lead!

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Exactly Dominic, we were already there so no need to pay hotel costs :slight_smile:

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I will have to go sometime, I live not too far away, have seen the advertising but have never been.

yup just looked at booking ours for a trip with the extra ticket not including the audio in English and with the cheapest meal is 331.70 , taking picnic is great if you fancy lugging it around or trekking back to pick up your picnic basket from the car.

For us we are likely to take kids next year its not a problem but for 2 lots of our best friends that is probably their entire holiday. I say that with one fo them sat behind me their April week holiday cost 240€ for a week, accommodation included. I showed her the price and she just said its just not possible. While many people find it reasonably priced for others even visiting the area its just out of their budget.

I do agree for me I also see it as reasonably priced but for a great deal of people its just not something them can afford to do for a day trip.

My kids want walabi again an the water park for their holidays. they spend most of the holidays at the group centre with their friends.

Please do go Dominic, I was in two minds as I thought it would be more for children. Great for them, but really all the adults I have talked to are just amazed at how the spectacles are staged. Viking ships that appear out of the water with a full crew, chariot races, birds that fly over your head and strut in front of you. Castles that are attacked and appear to burn, horses that ‘dance’. Statues that talk, animals, flowers, water and so so much more … oh how I want to return to this magical place.
We were so lucky because en-route we saw some birds in training, following a microlight. Wonderful for my mum who still has great memories, as do we all :slight_smile:

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not a good thing though.