Google Chrome can't access, help needed!

(Wendy Wise) #1

Hi I desperately need to access Google Chrome but it won't open. I need to access but it only works on Chrome and Safari and i can't access it via Safari, it's asking for client IDs and other stuff, even though I'm signed in. Have searched online but it's all gobbledegook to me. Have deleted and reloaded Chrome to no avail.

(Wendy Wise) #2

Thanks everyone for all your advice, for the moment everything is tickety-boo!

(Wendy Wise) #3

That's very useful to know, thanks!

(Shirley Morgan) #4

I have no idea Carl! Just wonder because it’s usually the women asking the questions and always the men answering them :slight_smile: Wendy doesn’t live near me according to her profile anyway, so why would I think that? I live outside boxes not inside!

(Carl Alban) #5

That's a scary thought Shirley. Do you think she has be hacked as well?

(Wendy Wise) #6

Yes, I am with Orange with phone and internet and I set it up. It wasn't hard as I recall.

(Shirley Morgan) #7

Wendy going back to your discussion. Who is your fixed line or mobile Phone and ISP provider? Who arranged the contract with them, You or someone else, installed and set it all up with your Router and computers? I do have a vested interest in asking these questions. PM me if you wish, using your iPad then I’ll receive on my iPad!
Also have you ever called in an outside, local to you, computer technician. either French or English! Finally have you, at any time, phoned the Orange English speaking helpline, because of computer, Internet, or wifi, problems?

(Carl Alban) #8

Ps Carl, it could also have been the syncing thAt added to my problems with the iPad

Nope. 99% unlikely.

(Shirley Morgan) #9

Carl, Yes I know that, even know how to install it! However I’d need to buy an OS disk - I donto have that, or any of my original Orange paperwork! Too many things disappeared that I hadn’t known at the time, as I just left it all to the expat ‘tech’ who moved all my equipment and supplied the new phone number because he offered to and arranged everything! Was told works SUBCONTRACT for ORANGE on new installations for other expats. I was originally recommended by my brother-in- law, also new to the dept., at the time, but 2 of them live there. He’s always been as skeptical as you are!

I’ve said on here before that ORANGE refuse to tell me the name of the person they accepted all the 2nd relocation instructions from, I organized the 1st move and new Contract with Orange when I was in and moving from the Herault. 2nd move, ORANGE never checked with me THAT I was moving, Just accepted instructions from a ‘stranger’ Yes I know what name Ive got! It took me a while before I realised there was a serious problem with said expat tech, and stopped using them. I was a good cash cow then.

Diff French techs, connecting their own external hard disks, just installed/transferred their own copies of MS OS on. Of course I don’t have the Licence Nos. they would expect me to call them if I had further problems which of course I did!

I don’t know because I’m not a tech, but assume that doesn’t stop all or any original previous ‘tampering’ with same computer hardware, new internaltelephone cable or a deep-rooted previous Trojan type problem from still being on 1st 2 PC, different makes and sizes! One bought in UK one bought here.
I’d originally also bought a new BT duo answer phone phone Set + Medtronic RJ11/RJ45 BT adaptor switch. He said he couldn’t use that, it want set up for French phone numbers (duh! I can say now) he offered to buy a French set for me and add it to his bill. As it happens I think I bought it, because I wanted the sales receipt. Anyway he had the equipment before moving me here. It was all together in a large plastic wheelie type bin, and all with him overnight before installation.

Also remember in the space of 12 months, I’d had a marriage breakup, brain haemorrhage & coma, 2 moves, car accident potential court case, and further move - all adds up to a lot of stress! Not surprisingly I was gullible and vulnerable then, crazy/stupid even as you think I am, and I’m not surprised at that assumption either. However I’m not the person now, I was then, despite additional health problems. I do know what happened to me, who had access to and the know how with all my equipment - none of which has changed apart from the addition of iPad to my same ISP network. Stupid I may still be but not cray, especially having heard of similiar computing problems and regular callouts by other recently met expats in this department, all to the same technician and all on Orange.

Fortunately my CAf social worker, because of my health situation are going to help me organise a move when I’m ready to more suitable accommodation. I’ll probably change my phone and ISP as well! Then I really will be able to start completely afresh - given I never had similiar computer/internet problems other than MS own Wins 8 update big crash 2 yrs ago, in well over 30 years!
So thanks for your suggestion to reinstall, but I will wait till my move and buy a completely new or refurbished preinstalled OS laptop from Apple when I do move.

(Peter Scawen) #10

Wendy, just a further thought.

This morning I had a problem with Norton which made no sense to me. But I went onto their on-line support services where the technician could look directly at my PC and see what the problem was.

Obviously you do NOT want to do this with every company, as there is an evident security risk, but my guess is that Google may have something similar that you could access and see if they have a solution.


(Shirley Morgan) #11

I’m going to, to the police! It’s local to dept.I live in, who knows how far they travel!

(Carl Alban) #12

Just a thought but have you considered running Matecat in a VM (virtual machine)?

I just ran it up using Virtualbox and the instructions found Here and it all worked just fine. No need for Google Chrome as well. :)

(Carl Alban) #13

I called it "Google Chrome" because that is it's name.

(Carl Alban) #14

And from that I assume you are still using the tainted/altered/hacked/abused system even though it only takes 30mins to install/reinstall a windows operating system from scratch and do away with any and ALL problems.

YouTube is stuffed with walkthroughs on how to install any windows operating system. I think it is fair to say nowadays that anybody can do it.

(Shirley Morgan) #15

Hiya lad, I’m not that much younger either! I knew you all realised the difference, or at least assumed but as Wendy had stressed Chrome and you all just mentioned Google, thT why I made the point to give some solidarity to Wendy :slight_smile: us girls don’t always have it as easy with computing - I’ve probably forgotten now more than I learnt back in the good old days!

(Shirley Morgan) #16

Ps Carl, it could also have been the syncing thAt added to my problems with the iPad, after I stopped using said expat and bought the iPad several months afterwards! I’ve not had a computer tech look at it since. Though I continue to experience problems on the original PC’s and never have them both on at same time! I’ve even had a French tech look at the PC, it works properly in his workshop but goes pear shaped in my home.

If you remember I said well over a year I kept finding on MS software that remote access was allowed and several times I unchecked that box! Also if you remember, I said Orange when I phoned them and DID allow them remote access through their technician, said something looked weird on their system - and he Recommended Iwent to the Police.

I couldn’t then, but now I know what I do from the other local expats and my French is much better, it’s something I’m going to do! It’s not just computer work involved either!

(Carl Alban) #17

If you have somebody near you doing that much damage then name and shame. They deserve it.

(Peter Scawen) #18

Hi Shirley on the basis that at the age of 75 I still qualify as a lad, I realise that Google and Google Chrome are not the same thing.

As I say I use IE which then uses Google as its search engine and my wife's I-Pad uses Safari which also uses Google as its search engine.

Hence my suggestion to drop Google Chrome as I did and replace it with another browser, such as IE (in my case) or Firefox which I have used in the past when AOL was driving me insane.

Wendy has surely got IE on her PC and even if not she can download it pretty quickly or indeed Firefox to get around this problem.

More tech savvy "lads" than I am can solve Wendy's problem with Google Chrome but maybe a change might be a quicker solution.

(Shirley Morgan) #19

Re computer techs, I’m not referring to you Carl, it’s some local inhabitants! That’s how and why I got into discussion with local English people - OK? I don’t consider SFN to be local for all I do or say. When local people have same problem as me and use same technician it it’s a good reason for me to have doubts and pause for thought!

I feel like saying - let’s shake on that comment! As I said I wouldnt name names! I don’t know who follows this website under what name and I’ve mentioned it enough to expats I know.

(Shirley Morgan) #20

Also Wendy, Apple safari uses Google only I think, - not Ggogle Chrome wonder if the lads missed that point!