Gov aide during virus problem

What is the max we can receive
is it just 1500 euros in total

In our case is was zero as OH gets a state pension so the business is not considered as the primary income.

(But I believe that 1500 was the max in total)

oh the basic state pension is 500 euros per month…who can live on that
1500 for all the months sounds very little.Think about the assistance uk business get to pay their staff during lockdown

This might give you more info

Thanks. I managed to get the info.

It was 1500 euros max per month for March, April and May so up to 4500 euros in total. In addition to that each region had their own grant scheme as well.

yes TIm you would know
Nothing for JUNE and JULY ETC

Now I really feel hard done by! Luckily we are now fully booked until October, so the loss in March-June won’t be catastrophic. It would have been nice to get tho’, if only to cover the costs of everything we’ve done to prepare and gallons of non-bleach disinfectant.

Yes possibly will be busy next year
But no Americans

Fraid not, the rationale being that once deconfinement kicked in earnings would return but obviously for the tourism sector it’s not that simple.

Then oh dear my accountant has got it wrong