Government cheque energie bois fioul - scam?

I have received an email which i think is a scam. It says that the government’s cheque energie scheme has been extended to fioul and bois and invites me to claim.
What do you think?

Ignore the email just in case… so many “seem” to link to the truth but are baddies in disguise…

But, the close-off date for applicants… has been extended… so that those who are eligible but did NOT apply… have still got time to benefit.
This is an excerpt from the govt website
Chèque énergie exceptionnel - Opération bois : Un portail de demande en ligne est disponible jusqu’au 31 mai 2023 :

main page with all sorts of info…

Never click on an email, or an SMS for that matter Geoff.

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If you got a cheque energie for electricity there’s another sheet of paper with it and it has all the info for fioul or wood and the website you go to a) check if you are eligible and b) register.

My view is that it’s not a scam. The link looks legit and I went onto the site as my main fuel is wood and it looks like I’d have got it if I had any supporting bills. If you haven’t, don’t bother!

Just wondering, which link do you mean??? did you click on a link in an email/sms???

haven’t you any bills… I think they can be 2 years old… (or did I dream that?)… or go and buy some wood now from Lidl/whoever… :wink:

No, I type in the link if it’s a site I recognise!
I don’t have any bills because I’ve always had the wood delivered from a local farmer and he doesn’t produce them. I’m reluctant to change supplier since the wood is always well seasoned and burns excellently!

I’m sure one of our SF folk used a supermarket itemised bill which showed he’d bought a sack/bag of wood/kindling from 'em… just a thought. :wink:
The Govt is concerned that bona fide folk are not getting the aid/benefit to which they are entitled.

Perhaps I could try that. Thanks @stella

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Just wondering because I don’t remember seeing such an email, but do they only send emails to people who declare online? And do they also send postal notifications? Perhaps to those not connected?

It’s got to be at least 50E fyi. Xx


@AngelaR I’ve just been working my way through an old thread… and, as @cat says… 50€ is the minimum bill…

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Thanks @Stella and @cat … will look at our local Point Vert

Let me know how you go Angela, I need to do it too!

Anyone who is entitled to the help will receive an official government letter with the dept and tricoloure flag on the outside and details inside for the amounts and where to claim etc. You go online to register and I have now opted for the payment to be made direct to Engie instead of me having to do it every time. I have also had some scam mails recently too about it and because there is another cheque due now, the scammers know this so I would not open anything to do with it, check officially via your account online or from mail received.

And wood has to be your main source of heating, not just agrément. I spent a couple of hundred € on wood but I’m not claiming because my main heating is electric.


Thank you, that answers my question. :smiley: Perhaps I haven’t had one because they know my main source is electric.

It’s on page 2 of your electricity cheque energie letter.
But this is from service public

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Its all tied to your tax return at the impôts as they know who has what income and the utilities take it from there. If you are entitled to anything, it will be automatically done and you will be informed, if you don’t hear anything, then you are not entitled.

Just as I thought, thank you, although I did receive a certain sum automatically but that might have been for diesel, not sure.