Grants for septic tanks

Has anyone obtained a grant for a new septic tank “fosse tous eaux”, if so to whom did they apply?

Hi Graham…

I’m not aware of such grants… and would be interested to learn if they are actually available.

I know of folk who had been told to upgrade… but not heard of any help for them to do so… :wink:

Lo and behold…

The aid is “means tested” and only available for Residence Principale…

Around here (la Creuse profonde) grants are given by the com com, up to 50% last year IIRC


Sounds like it’s worth folk asking at their local Mairie… :hugs:

Means tested Mark?

That I don’t know, would have thought so, but probably no more than just filling a form in.

We helped an elderly British woman last year whose husband died, the com com got in touch with me asking for her bank details so they could pay the grant, was about 5k.

That is encouraging news, Mark.

It’s been very difficult, over the years. SPANC saying “it must be done” and folk worrying because they don’t have the money.

Some while ago, on a site-visit, I did quietly ask one Inspector “how are they supposed to do it, if they can’t afford it?”
and she just said… “they must keep calm and hopeful” (words to that effect). :roll_eyes:

Sounds like a apt teeshirt slogan.

It really was pathetic… telling someone they have a year (whatever) to comply or face charges/fines… and then saying to keep calm… :roll_eyes:

Or, talking about fosse, on the inside of the toilet door.:poop::rofl:

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In my area (56) an interest-free bank loan is/was available. I have heard of people just paying the fine of about 130€ euros and carrying on with the system they have.

I was told the same…by the spanc inspector ! :rofl:

I’ll have to do something about it someday. I think the first step is getting SPANC in for an assessment but I’m loath to put my head above the parapet.

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They should come and have a look every 4 or so years anyway (and charge you for the privilege :frowning:). They send a report, if it doesn’t meet current “normes”, but is still working , you don’t need to do anything.

Yes, I’ve been waiting for a knock on the door but have heard nothing in sixteen years. I mentioned it in conversation with my GP and his advice was leave it alone and when you come to sell the house just bung the the buyers 10k to sort it out.

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Frankly, so long as it isn’t polluting local waterways… as your Doc says… leave it alone.

there are some really bad systems which are doing a great deal of harm… and those (in my view) are the ones which need to be sorted sooner rather than later … with financial aid/cheap loans or whatever if necessary…

Our problem is that we don’t have any septic tank at the moment, our neighbours say the communitat gives grants so we contacted them, they said only the department (Puy de Dôme), so we are waiting to hear from them, will let you know in due course. As a matter of interest SPANC have been round and we have a quote of 8000 euros for a 3 bed house!

did you check the link I posted…

Yes thank you.