Great deal to sell stena line from France to Ireland

I have stena line ferry tickets to sell, it can be used from France Cherbourg to Ireland Rosslare or another way around.
Tickets value is €804 I sell it for €650.
It’s can be used for any dates from now up to 31/12/2017
Tickets is for 2 adults 2 kids and 1 car, the number of people can be changed if you want.
If you want to come to Ireland for a holiday this is a great deal.

Hi there…

Please can you post a photo of the ticket (s)… to show folk what you have on offer ??

many thanks

Hi, I bought the tickets last year, but I didn’t make the trip. The ticket is amendable ticket, so it can be used this year.

Any questions please let me know.

My first question is… why on earth didn’t you get a refund… ??? :wink:

No, this is not a refund a ticket, you can not refund ferry tickets, only allow to change the name and date. Any questions please let me know.

Li Weihua… . I am wondering why you did not ask for a refund. It would have been quite straight forward.

According to Stena… the customer can amend/change/cancel before the sailing date on the ticket…but I cannot see how it can be done after the sailing date has passed by.

Are you certain that the tickets are transferable to someone else ???

Yes, I am 100% sure tickets can be changed to different names, I was told by customer service.

Do you think which website is a popular buy and sell website in France?

There are circumstances under which they will refund you in the event of a cancellation, I would contact them again and be more assertive.

I agree, the table in 8.3.2 shows that
a) if notice to change is given more than 24hrs in advance of saling then a flexible ticket will be refunded less £3
Better to lose £3 than £154.
b) if no notice was given in advance of outbound sailing then it’s 100% loss

They key will be having some record of the notice given to amend times/cancel the outward voyage.
It could have been by
How to cancel: You may cancel a travel-only booking over the telephone, via our website, or by informing us in writing.

Do you have any records of cancellation/amendment?

I think you should get in touch with the ferry company rather than selling the ticket to someone else: as it stands it does not seem possible that there can be any alteration - that boat sailed a year ago, so the ticket has effectively been ‘used’.

Thanks all for above comments, the ticket I bought is none refund ticket only can amend the dates and names. If I could refund it will be no need to sell it.

Hi Li,
but do you have a record of telling Stena that you did not want to travel on the dates originally booked?

Yes, I have the ticket and the have the record on their system that I didn’t not travel last year.

Terms and conditions:. Sorry this was in a table and the formatting has gone, hence the repetitions. See my interpretation at the bottom. MODIFICATIONS/ANNULATION
8.1 Vous pouvez annuler une réservation de voyage maritime sec à tout moment avant le départ, sous réserve de la facturation des frais d’annulation indiqués à l’article 8.3.2 de nos Conditions de vente.
8.2 Comment annuler ? Vous pouvez annuler une réservation de voyage maritime sec par téléphone, sur notre site Web ou en nous informant par écrit.
8.3 Frais de modification / annulation (frais de port à port) :

8.3.1 Toute modification de la route, de la date ou de l’heure de votre traversée et / ou toute modification du nombre de passagers ou de véhicules et / ou l’ajout d’éléments supplémentaires à votre réservation (sous réserve de disponibilité) peut entraîner une augmentation du prix à payer (le « Nouveau tarif »).
8.3.2 Les frais de modification ou d’annulation, ainsi que les autres frais exigibles, sont indiqués ci-dessous :

Economy	Flexi	Premium

Facturation en cas de modification de la réservation avant mon voyage : 25 € pour les réservations avec véhicule par voyage simple plus le Nouveau tarif.

2,50 € pour les réservations de passagers piétons par voyage simple plus le Nouveau tarif.
Le Nouveau tarif, sans frais de modification. Le Nouveau tarif, sans frais de modification.
Facturation en cas d’annulation avant mon voyage aller :
Jusqu’à 24 heures avant le départ 100 % du prix de la réservation 3 € de frais d’annulation seulement 3 € de frais d’annulation seulement
Jusqu’à 2 heures avant le départ 100 % du prix de la réservation 50 % plus 3 € de frais d’annulation 3 € de frais d’annulation seulement
Dans les deux heures qui précèdent le départ 100 % du prix de la réservation 100 % du prix de la réservation 1100 % du prix de la réservation/td>
Facturation en cas d’annulation après mon voyage aller, ou en cas de non présentation : 100 % du prix de la réservation 100 % du prix de la réservation 100 % du prix de la réservation

If you are a no show you lose the ticket, if you don’t change the ticket AHEAD of the original date of travel, you lose the ticket. Did you actually cancel your trip officially AHEAD of the trip and choose different dates or did you just cancel or not turn up? Because if it is the latter then you have to write it off as an expensive mistake.

I told them I can not make the trip before I travel last year, then they give me another 12 months but unfortunately I can’t not travel this year. So I need sell it.

Something not quite right…

Why not right?