Handshake refusals

I am really pleased that the English Football season is again underway. The Premier league has to be the most exciting to watch.

There seems to be a tackier underbelly, which as would be expected, is reported and sensationalised more and more. JT's mum's shopping sprees, R**ney's predilection for the more mature activity when playing away, Stevie's own trouser troubles...Dirty linen hanging out for all to see ( don't Google it )

All of this dirt, goes with the territory I guess... and we can all have our opinions.

What really gets my goat is this Handshake refusal habit that seems to have got a grip. £100k a week? Su*rez and all the other kids need a good slap.

The 'Handshake' is surely sacrosanct, an ancient ritual employed by peoples the world over. Everyone knows the significance, be it originally to show that you are not concealing a weapon, or in sporting terms to say: "even tho' we are going to thrash the frick out of each other... no hard feelings" It is a 'statement' and pre-match ( whether FIFA advised or not ) is there to be witnessed by millions.

Refusal to shake some one by the hand shows the height of ignorance in my view... surely these sporting heroes must realise that every goal celebration, gob, rant and rave is aped on playing fields, all over.

If you are going to send a message out, make sure that it's the right one.

I see JT's been fined a whole week's wages...that's £220,000 he'll not see again. In my day you would call spade a spade...without fear of reprisal as people expected you to speak your mind.


your points have been noted Norah. Thx

I am a committed Chelsea fan and I would no more want to shake JT's hand than slit my wrists (in fact the latter is probably preferable)! I was never happier to see a footballer (NOT sportsman) GO. And I don't recall John Terry ever apologising to anyone (ever)??? I think it would have made a mockery of the handshake ethos to have shaken JT's hand!

This is more like it....

Outside of the 'don't know where it's been pass me a wetwipe' scenario, I must be the world's worst hand shaker. Never really got a grip on the old 'firm handshake' thing. Your rugby player is notoriously firm, and offering the Queen's hand shake is met with distain.

Your Frenchie too, always a vice like grip, and a forceful downward tug. Give me a bisous any-day. Some of these shakers virtually rip yer arm out of it's shoulder socket ( mine's a little arthritic ) of course, I drop to my knees, wincing. Leaving me on the floor having to explain that I'm Anglais or un Artiste, which does satisfy the stunned onlooker. I dunno what some of these bruisers are trying to prove, they are all so fit! I'm just the same when it come to French seamen. Serves me right for living by the sea I 'spose.

Quite right Valerie,

I watched the match...on the television.

Pleased to have seen it. I believe Fergie also 'instructed' fans not to chant hurtful comments, especially at this poignant time.

On Sky News: Liverpool & Manchester Utd players have shaken hands and paid tribute to the victims of the Hillsborough disaster ahead of match at Anfield.

At least they're making an effort.

woh, woh, woh-di-wohay woh here.

I simple little Postette illuminating the lack of sportsmanship displayed in a non-handshake. Suddenly we have a full-on debate as to who's more goody goody, Footballers or Rugby players.

OK! double dog-dare anyone to come into the chat room...one on one... line for line...footieball chants v Rugby songs à la Jock Strapp. He who get censored the least wins.

Gauntlet laid.

C'mon 'ave ago...

misshapen balls.

I rest my case

Indeed, and usually the only punch thrown at a rugby match is on the pitch!

Succinct Ben.

as they say there's no 'F' in team...or is it 'I' ...can't remember

"Football is a game for gentlemen, played by hooligans; rugby is a game for hooligans, played by gentlemen"... I think that sums it up....

And with regard to the shaking of hands: common, civilized behavior disappears when the ego gets in the way of a team sport...

Look, all I'm saying is they should 'give each other the hand...and celebrate with a Shandy'

much more civilised

Oh yeah, I know....don't they play in pink?



Ah, so you're a Fulham man then, that's in Yorkshire innit. More than five minutes from the Shed anyway.

Northern Joke

A bloke from Yorkshire goes to the jewellers: He says, "Can tha mek a gold statue o' mi dog?"
"Aye, reckon a can," sez the jeweller.
"Does tha want it eighteen carat?".
"Neigh," sez bloke, "I want it chewin' bone."

get yer syllables right! Che-el-SEA (very loud last bit) When we talk about the Battle of Stamford Bridge we don't mean Saxons giving the Vikings one, we mean any team north of the Thames getting a good thrashing...

Chel-sea wot u mean. Red army me sen