Hard work finding a covid test!

Oh my I’ve just spent over an hour trying to find a covid test, all my closest labs are full until Thursday and I can’t wait that long or I’ll have to cancel all my students this week. And it’s my birthday then too so who wants to have a huge earbud shoved up your nose as a birthday present! Been having a naggy low grade temp / tiredness / headache and the man shape has been coughing so we figure we better get checked. Also found out we have people in our village with it, not seen them but kids at school etc. and that the Dordogne is now in the top 20 departments - how on earth did that happen when we have been so low???

All my closest labs were full, they said to try Perigueux, also nothing until Thursday. Finally called Bergerac and they can get us in at 12.20 today - they have a tent set up outside apparently! So relieved, hopefully can get results back tonight or tomorrow. Thought this might help for others around here!

Dordogne has probably shot up the list because it has been so low people get complacent

This is true, a lot of ‘we’re OK around here’ attitudes!

Good luck, hope its all negative

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@toryroo Fingers crossed. Hope all well.

Thanks Mark and Sue.

La Dordogne a désormais le 11e taux le plus haut de France. Un nouveau cluster a par ailleurs été détecté à l’EHPAD de Nontron, où 13 résidents sont malades sur les 132 de l’établissement. Mais aussi 22 membres du personnel de l’hôpital de Nontron.

11th - geez we’re gettign up the table!

Good luck @toryroo :crossed_fingers:

It’s the same here in Manche - I haven’t seen the need to have a test since we haven’t had any symptoms and in any case we are congenitally unsociable. There have been so very few cases here throughout but suddenly they’re all around us…

Is it the same “route” for folk who need a test for official reasons…
rather than for folk who might have symptons (such as yourselves) ???

hope yours is “negative”…

I think so Stella, I was reading earlier, if you go to the ‘drive through’ at the hospital carpark in Bergerac you need a ordonnace OR to have been contacted by the health authorities as you have had contact with someone. Labs you just call and book or book online with some of them (although by calling I got a 2 hour earlier appointment than first showing on line).

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I’m just wondering if they treat “possibly” infected folk differently to others…

by the way… I do hope you are NOT infected, of course… but it will be interesting to learn how you are dealt with when you get there…

best of luck…

Was under strict instructions not to go into the building but to present at the white tent in front! When I went in Mussidan last year it is one person to the desk / inside then into the room, 2 seconds for the test and directly out the door from the treatment room so no crossing over.

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Good luck x

This is the lab I have been to - v good. DO NOT LOSE* the bit of paper they give you with your access code to get your result, and hang on to it as it will be your access code should you ever need any tests in the future.

I did, obviously. Shame :pensive:

Gosh I hate those test - just ow!!!

Yes it was good, all outside - one way system (expect for the idiotic old fella in front of us with his wife that turned around adn squeezed past us when she was going to get her test!).

I’ve been to the Mussidan branch and they are all linked, she asked me if I still had my code and said no so she just printed it off again, apparently they keep all your results for years so you should be able to just request a new code.

I’m off to have mine in 45 minutes, as my gp tested positive yesterday, & I was in contact early last week

oh good luck Bob, any symptoms?

@toryroo, I have been trying to get an RDV for OH at the same vaccination centres, I think.
Oops, I have vaccinations on the brain . OH has had four covid tests over the last three months (pre op) he goes along to Riberac because our closest lab is always full! Everybody has the same RDV time and there is always a long queue, but the staff get a move on :slight_smile: The infirmière did the test once.

Good luck Tory & Bob :vulcan_salute:


Are they all the Novalbio ones? As of this morning Mussidan, St Astier, Chancelade all first available Thursday, so maybe Friday by now. Mussidan suggested trying Perigueux, Riberac and Bergerac and I went with Bergerac as it was the closest after Mussidan. I’d always go Mussidan in preference than going into Bergerac center but didn’t want to wait and with thier amazing walk into a tent and out again system i imagine you could always get a same day appointment.

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Yes but you still feel like a halfwit when you lose it :persevere:

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