Harringtons dog food

Hi all,
Does anyone go to the UK via St. Malo periodically? Would you consider picking up 3 or 4 sacks of Harringtons from any Tesco or Asda for me? I would pay up front and meet you in St. Malo to collect. Or does anyone have contacts? I believe a number of people take shopping lists for others, does anyone know?

Get it delivered? Vet UK deliver here…


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Thank you Jane!:bouquet: I picked up a bag of purina today and I must say I’m dismayed! Like a box of Crayola! My dog food is coming on the lorry next week, so that supply is great! As a font of information, you probably even know who has good prices on raw dog meat…:dog: I don’t want to ask my neighbours about everything, she’s already dealing with Enedis for me.
Regards from very sunny Brittany, Gudrun.

Hi Gudrum,
I think @Helen6 feeds her dogs on raw food. Try sending her a message but I’m sure others will pop up.


Hi Gudrun

Yes I feed my two Border Collies a raw diet…(might be 3 soon as I’m on the waiting list of a friend who is a breeder in UK…puppies due end of June so excitedly waiting to find out how many pups she has…! :grinning:)

I buy them rabbit legs/chicken legs and wings/beef liver/beef offcuts/lamb kidneys/fresh sardines and eggs from Super U and then get green tripe mince from Zooplus…they do a range of raw minces…

When we first went into lockdown I also bought mine 4 bags of Burns from zooplus just in case there were any potential problems with the raw meat supply…

Here’s a link to the green tripe…


What time is dinner, have you a bowl of this fine food for me, I’m bright-eyed & bushy-tailed. :dog:


Lol…! If you don’t mind it raw dinner is usually around 5pm…:grinning:

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We use z0oplus and have done for over 8 years now. Quality and delivery is very good all over Europe.

Our labrador died after eating green tripe, it upset his stomach and bacteria from his gut invaded his stomach.
He was only 7 but we had to have put top sleep as he was constantly being very ill and it was cruel to let him go on any longer.

For those of you that feed raw, do you buy free range / organic? Or not?

We used to feed raw when we got it from a butcher that we trusted. But when we moved here I baulked at the prices, and did buy a bit from a large Carrefour that had bags of frozen meat for dogs at good value. However then decided that no way should we be buying factory farmed chicken etc for pooch, so we gave that up.

Ironically he now gets dried dog food that is duck -a by-product of the foie gras industry so in many ways a lot worse! But it is a small family owned French business, with not too high a proportion of fillers, so in terms of food miles it wins out.

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Thanks for the reply! Yes, I just asked because I can totally understand why people choose to feed raw but surely you can’t then either A) be happy to feed battery farmed meat / eggs etc or B) afford to feed your pets free range meat…!


I just buy mine what’s available on the fresh meat shelves when I do my weekly shop…most/all seems to be produced in France but I don’t beat myself up about whether it’s organic or not…

I’ve fed raw for about 15 years and I wouldn’t like to deprive mine now…

I bought Burns as a back up because it’s a brand I was familiar with in uk and I know it doesn’t upset their digestive systems like some do…

My potential new puppy will be from a raw fed mother (and her mother) so I imagine I will be feeding raw for many years yet…:grinning:

Yeah it’s not the organic aspect I would be concerned about, more animal welfare. I.e I don’t buy factory farmed anything so I couldn’t square feeding my animals non free range chicken, eggs etc because that’s not fair on the rabbits, chickens and pigs involved :frowning:

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It’s one thing I don’t get about France. Increasingly there is much more emphasis on environmental issues, bio, sans pesticides, noOGM etc etc. But very rarely animal welfare apart from free range hens. I’ve never seen labelling for free range pork, whereas you can hardly get anything else most places in the UK.

OH doesn’t eat meat at all, and I rarely - usually occasional times when neighbour farmer kills a highland cow or one of his outdoor pigs. But I like eating meat and it’s annoying that if we go to a restaurant I usually can’t as no info about welfare standards.

I’ve long had that dilemma and I personally don’t even eat meat…

I was a member of the BUAV in trying to bring an end to vivisection…compassion in world farming…I’m against live exports…I’m for the exposure of horrific practices in slaughter houses…

But on the other end of that is the poor quality slaughterhouse animal byproducts that end up in commercial dog food and provide very low nutritional value…

I would love to see an end to factory farming and see free range livestock everywhere…it’s like an endless merry go round…

Did you once mention a place that sells chicken carcass…??? Was it just a local service…??? :thinking:

Have you talked to your local butcher? As if you are buying regularly may be prepared to sell you Xkg of scraps as week for a much better price than buying from supermarket. We did that and it was cheaper than crappy meat from supermarket that’s most likely stuffed full of antibiotics etc, but still not brilliant.

We moved to cooked food as get meat/carcasses from local hunt during hunting season but that has to be cooked because of infection risk.

Or you could buy on line, frozen and delivered.


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not every dog needs raw meat. Actually a vet told me that he has seen more nutritional problems in young dogs that were fed with raw meat than those with a good dogfood.
I only feed processed feed and my dogs live to the old age of 13-14 years.

It is tricky isn’t it? I currently feed mine a good quality dry and wet food (lukullus) though would prefer to feed raw but OH not up for it.

Whilst I think it can in some cases be tricky to get the proportions right in raw it must be remembered that vets are paid by the big commercial dog food producers to push their foods. These are not necessarily very good for dogs. Of course I am extremely sorry for what happened to Jane’s dog.

Whilst many dogs can live to a good old age on kibble I don’t doubt it makes many dogs ill. You only need to find out more about the ingredients and the production process to realise that eating just that for years is a recipe for all sorts of health problems and cancers.