Having difficulties - you are not alone

About time this was officially recognized… but will they give us back the “human contact” ???


Excellent that this is being acknowledged. It isn’t just older people either so waiting for us to die off isn’t a solution :smiley:


So true, Angela… folk of ALL ages can have difficulties.


In my experience, anyone older than mid 50’s that hasn’t had to setup a computer from scratch for their work or by being a computer enthusiast and keep it connected to the internet and nearby peripherals will struggle when things don’t work as they should. I’d go as far as to say that many people much younger who use computers for work on a daily basis have a very limited (if any) understanding of how they work; particularly when it comes to ceasing websites and servers.

Tablets that mostly do what it says on the tin have been a great help in easing folks online who would rather sit in a dark room for the next 20 years than touch a computer, but you still need a reliable internet connection and a local WiFi access point. I’ve found analogies to plumbing and various sized pipes very helpful in explanations of how both routers and cellular networks function.

Answering “Why can’t I make a call when my mobile shows service?” with “Just because your ME can receive and decode the CPICH from your nearest MS, doesn’t mean that there are enough RAN User Plane resources to allow a connection and then an end to end teleservice such as a voice call.” just gets you odd and disturbed looks like you just asked to marry their dog. In Finnish.

Apparently, fibre broadband hasn’t yet made it out of our local village as the installation of said fibre is contracted out to EDF, who subconned it to Enderdis and no-one will work for them as they pay peanuts. My mood on hearing this news wasn’t improved when I was told that the people that do have fibre enjoy a service several orders of magnitude better than my current arrangement for 3/4 of the monthly fee.


I’m glad the article also mentioned those folk who have difficulty with French (and that means all, not just Brits)

Of course, there are many other reasons why folk have difficulties, poor-sight, lack of dexterity… difficulty reading… being just 3

Often, the brain simply does not want to take it all or part… on board (although there’s probably a name for that condition)

Kids, adolescents, adults, seniors… it isn’t necessarily an age thing.

The Translation plug-in for the Chrome browser is very useful, but you have to keep an eye on what you enter into online forms while it’s translating French>English as I’ve had it enter text backwards before.

I was teasing an apprentice electrician the other day, by asking him what “Ohms Law” is, he said he didnt know. I said “What??” he said " Its ok, I’ll Google it" :rofl:
Well it shut me up :grinning:

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I actually used G Translate to turn reviews of a Ryobi chop saw from Finnish into Eng. It is said to be the very devil of a language to learn. It has 15 cases for declension of nouns.

As for fibre roll-out, the official departmental Projet Fibre Calvados-Normandy has this
all down my street and my address is État immeuble DEPLOYE

Fibre deals for my address are offered by 4 of the smaller providers. Orange tells me that fibre has not yet been installed in the street.

But then, Orange told me that fibre did not exist in my whole barrio in central Valencia despite me having a photo of a guy installing a fibre ‘junction box’ with the Orange logo on it, on the wall outside our street door! And two days later fibre was installed in my flat by MasMovil! Orange are unspeakable, in my experience.

Nobody but Finns and masochists learn Finnish. Not really any need to as most speak excellent English and Swedish. I did know a Finn who learnt Japanese after marrying a Japanese girl.

When we worked together at Three, we used to sit him at the back of the room in meetings with NEC so he could make notes of the conversations their managers were having with each other, secure in the belief that we couldn’t understand them. They eventually twigged or suspected we bugged the room and were having a transcript made later as meetings suddenly involved English NEC staff whose response to any difficult question was “We’ll reply in writing within 72 hours.”

I am glad I have my tech expert on hand, even so things change even for him.

I would be very surprised if that were the case. Neither of those entreprises deal with telecoms of any kind, plus EDF only fly desks these days, with the actual grid stuff being done by ENEDIS - they’re already busy enough dealing with proper electricity.

Fibre has nothing to do with electricity…

Here’s how it is happening in our area. Fibre is already available in certain communes around us. So we are quite jealous and are looking forward to being able to subscribe. In the meantime, we often see the ‘fibre guys’ doing their stuff, hanging cables, pulling cables, making connections.

Les Conseils Départementaux de l’ Aveyron (12) , du Lot (46) et de la Lozère (48 ) ont lancé un appel d’offres pour couvrir en fibre optique 100% de leur territoire en zones moins denses.
La société créée à cet effet, Alliance Très Haut Débit (filiale d’Orange), est chargée de concevoir, réaliser et commercialiser le réseau d’initiative publique (RIP), via une délégation de service public de 25 ans signée en 2017. Elle a 5 ans pour déployer près de 350 000 prises .

Alliance Très Haut Débit devait couvrir une partie des trois départements d’ici 2022 mais en raison de la crise sanitaire, le déploiement a pris un peu de retard et devrait s’achever pour le premier semestre 2023 . Il concerne 787 communes.

Very similar to Portuguese I believe.

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Stella this is your best post yet… among all your other wonderfully helpful posts.
Even without the internet problem (although my struggles with the French mobile networks are very much a struggle ATM), les “demarches administratives” are so so hard to do remotely.

I’m glad it’s giving hope to some who might need it … you/we are not alone!!

I know that I am NOT techy minded… please can I have the team of skilled computer bods who used to look after me at my workplace, all those years ago…

Incidentally, for those who need a 2-code verifier… it is NOT essential to have a mobile phone in order to have whatever app…

Just been through that with our bank.

They finally conceded defeat and have given me a “for life” code … written down… and sent in the post… yippee. I’ve memorized it and safely hidden the paper.

I know I’m getting worse with computer stuff… but there are others who have never even got to stage one… and not through any fault of theirs… just how things are.


@Fleur , it’s exactly the same for us in Aude, except it isn’t Orange doing it, but a company called Emeraude in conjunction with another company called SYADEN, who are doing the physical work. We were due FTTH this August originally, but it’ll be next autumn some time now.

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Hum. My bank sent out a letter with a “for life” code before I even knew they were adding extra verification.

Not sure if they sent out everybody one, or if they correctly assessed my technical facilities and knew to send it to me anyway :slight_smile:

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ha ha… they kept sending emails to OH and I… which we kept studiously ignoring… since each time they said that if we didn’t download the App… they would send a code manually… which was just what we wanted.

They sent so many emails… and eventually the last one said… a letter is on the way… yippee.

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Exactly what happened with us, @stella !

2FA via an app that uses the internet is way less painful than having to hang off the balcony in the rain to receive an SMS.