Having yet another go at Yorkshire Pudding

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sorry if you have answered before
what is plain flour in France?
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it’s farine de blé, provided you don’t buy anything that says “avec levure” because that’s self-raising. There are various grades of flour here but the ones there are most of in the supermarkets will work.

merci Angela - do I really need to use 4 eggs?

Where did you find your recipe? You’d certainly need 4 eggs if you were mass catering :smiley:

I’ve always used a standard pancake batter - 1 egg to 100g of flour - but I’m not a great yorkshire pudding maker so others may do something different.

Equal volumes egg flour and milk. Leave for a few hours in the fridge. Hot oven and oil.

I think it was someone here who suggested it - works like a dream. May occasionally need a little extra liquid.

Never failed since I found it


How do you measure the volume of an egg?

Scales, weight them all.

Farine fluide works very well My mother used to take home bags of it to the UK as her yorkshires were wonderful and she found this grade excellent. I also recommend using silicone baking trays for individual puddings, they come out so much more easily than the non stick metal trays.

In a measuring jug. I make the whole mix up in the jug for 2 of us.


Arguments about the best Yorkshire pudding recipe has caused bloodshed, feuds and family breakups in Yorkshire. Tread carefully :grin::wink:

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Look at the waistlines and then decide if you want to go there :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Excellent - things round here have been a bit quiet lately. :grin:

Or maybe that’s just me because I’ve got half the threads on here muted at the moment. :thinking:


That’s what I do, but that’s not volume!

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Break it into a cup?

Fascinating…not sure I have a jug that would measure the volume of an egg, must be fairly small? And mèans it has to go in first?

I have got a set of US “cups” which are quite useful for measuring small volumes.

BBC! You have put my mind to rest. I did think 4 eggs is excessive…

I used to do Yorkshire pudding batter quite thick, having followed a recipe when we were first married and ended up with something too watery to cook. So I’d typically put a quarter cup of milk, 2 eggs in a bowl (plus salt, etc) and then add flour while running the mixer on fast. When the mix is fairly thick it’s ready to go. This version also released easily from well greased metal bun tins.

I use this small pot, crack the eggs into it to find out their volume.
Then use the same volume of milk, and of flour.

And there’s this if you’re really concerned about the volume of your eggs…


4oz plain flour.
Gradually blend in half-pint of milk …
then stir in 1 beaten-egg

Leave in fridge for at least 1 hour… (while the mixture thickens …)
Remove from fridge and stir gently to ensure no lumps…

Tip the cold mixture into smoking-hot metal pan and put the pan straight back into the smoking-hot oven. :+1: :+1: :wink:

Ab fab

(forgot to say… first, you need to put some fat in the metal pan, according to one’s choice. then let the pan heat up in a hot oven)

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