Head lights advice

For longer term, might you consider buying generic MBZ lights online, they’re usually easy to fit and most parts are available in this format.Also, I’d feel happier driving at night with proper lights than with stick-on beam deflectors. Having said that for several years we’ve kept a spare set for friends from the UK, though I’m not sure if the glue would still work!

It can be if you dont shop elswhere for things. I really believe the French are the only people in the world to pay the full RRP for anything.


It’s annoying that some CT Stations are still NOT doing things “by the book”.

Beam Benders (correctly fitted) can be used for the CT on a RHD… and thus allow the car owner the time to find replacement lights at the best price… if they wish to change.

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I make eBay.fr my first stop.
Although the site is in French, sellers are often from all over Europe so the lights may be in Germany, Poland, Italy or Lithuania as well as France.
There are obviously many different types even for one model so you would need to read the descriptions well.
So many people seem to think that they won’t find german sellers on French eBay so struggle with the language. Just make sure that you are not looking at a UK supplier!


Again all thanks for your ìnput everyone its definitely a big learning curve here not just cars but many other things. I hope to get all sorted by Monday as were on the clock with this .

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You don’t need to change your headlights to get through the CT for re registering a vehicle in France. The stick on’s are legal.

But with stickers your headlights will be rubbish!

It is cheap to source replacement headlamps on ebay and normally easy to fit with Professor Youtube’s advice.

Depends, beam benders are Fresnel lenses. The nasty things sold as stickers just block and as you say beams are rubbish

Hi all headlamps changed hope CT happy and helpful needs adjustments

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Sorry but stickers do not make your headlights rubbish and that statement is based on ignorance, which is common but wrong. They stop the kick up to the left, no more, no less. Properly fitted they don’t affect the light straight ahead or to the right at all and they don’t affect main beam at all.

Rather than go to a different CT centre after a fail, have the conversation with the centre before proceeding to book the test - those that know the regulations properly will be happy to confirm that and usually to fit them for you - even quite large main dealers don’t usually have the alignment apparatus on site and will do that at a CT centre when needed.

Of course, if you don’t like the stickers on your otherwise pristine car, then by all means pay hundreds for replacement lamps, but they will not make your night driving any different. As I have said before, my Peugeot 3008 sourced here has headlights like candles and my Espace sourced in the UK has headlights like searchlights even after the stickers were fitted (by the CT centre).

Thanks again already got new headlamps fitted just need to aline hopefully at CT centre :pray: ans its a pass

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well done - another thing :white_check_mark: off the list

Who’s :grinning:

For very comprehensive stocks of parts, good prices and smart delivery I have had good experiences with autodoc.de.

I got a pair of LHD headlamps for my Vauxhall Movano [aka Renauly Master] van for about £140 delivered to UK [pre Brexit!]

It’s German but has other autodoc.xx sites, for language purposes.

I was in need of a brake caliper recently and quickly - eventually I went with Autidoc who were fine but it took about 5 days for the stuff to arrive which was frustrating. Pretty well all of the car parts suppliers I found were based in Berlin so I can only assume they have bought quite a number of brands.

I don’t see any reference to xenon bulb lights. I am told that these give a flat beam with no ‘side kick’ and are a CT pass unmodded.

Is this true?

My Peugeot 307 SW is RHD. There is a lever in the headlight area that may be an adjuster, as some cars have, for LHD/RHD. Anyone know what it does?


My Rangey has a similar lever to change road sides, should be instructions in the owners handbook.

Yes, they do have a banner on the site which warns of delays in delivery due to the pox. A common problem, I think.

Should be. Ain’t :angry: I asked the manager of the local Peugeot dealership. Didn’t know. :roll_eyes:

Why not try a Peugeot Garage rather than a Dealership… ???

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