Health Cover whilst waiting to get on the French System

Hello all thank you for all your help on Health Stuff in my previous post… so the plunge is getting ever nearer so I was wondering whether anyone had recommendations for the interim Private Health Insurance for the 3 months before being accepted in the French System I need the cheapest minimal acceptable cover.

This is a question for @fabien


Hi Pete, if you really only need 3 months you can get a travel insurance from the UK (cheapest) but ask various people in here and they’ll probably tell you that it’s highly unlikely that you would get the carte vitale 90 days after you’ve moved over. Actually you can only start the application process after 90 days and it usually takes 90 days (minimum) to the social security to get you covered / processed so 6 months minimum. By experience the average time to get into the system with a carte vitale is 8/9 months. Bearing in mind that post lock down and with the increased influx of British expats these days they’ll probably increase their processing delays.

I’m pointing that out because you’ll probably need more than just 3 months cover and usually private medical policies aren’t very flexible (they commit you for the full year usually). Luckily we have a policy that can accept an early cancellation when presenting the “attestation de droit” (proof of acceptance into the system) and if you want to have a look at the premium you can check it online directly (choosing “i don’t have a carte vitale”) on