Health Insurance for 6 month travel visa application

Hi there has anyone got the Health Insurance required for the 6 month vistors visa? If so how much are they paying I have been quoted between 3 and 4000 for a couple of 64 year olds

Fabien is the man to ask for all things insurance !


Hi Pete and welcome back to SF
For clarity, is the quote you have from a UK source or a French one?

It appears I was confusing EXPAT Health Insurance with 6 month Schengen visit insurance which at £540 for a couple is more what I expected!

We’re the same age - try Direct Travel. We got a quote earlier in the year when things weren’t as bad in France and we were more optimistic re travel there. As things are we thought we’d just go - if possible - for the three months this year and then apply for a 6 months visa next year when things are hopefully better. We were quoted £185 for three months - think it was for £10million cover - which would be fine for us.
Could I ask …do you know if you have one of these visas is it possible to return to the UK if there is eg an emergency and then return back France using the same visa??

Ok further on this topic… we have had our visa application rejected! The insurance we bought for 6 months was AXA SCHENGEN MEDICAL. It was rejected because it does not include underlying conditions (we have none). On speaking to TLS and AXA apparently although this certificate has been valid since January the French Consulate are rejecting them as of last week! The view is it is part of the BREXIT tit for tat war that is going on see Jersey, Seafood, Dairy etc between the UK and Britain. I spoke with my French Broker and they have come up with a new policy that the Embassy is yet to approve or reject but the premium for 6 moths has gone from 280 euros to 970 euros. I would point out that I am 65 and I have been told that policies for over 70s are being rejected. These rejections are by no means blanket and appear to be random with some getting through and others not.
Currently we are giving up for 2021 and will just come for 3 months.
Unless the situation changes and the French/British become less aggressive we will sadly have to sell up our house in the Herault.
BTW the cost of the rejection is £160 but AXA are refunding the premium toall those rejected

an at the TLS visa center last week it was carnage with people in tears being rejected at the desk for not having the correct docunents and needing to travel urgently. We had 13 different document to back up our application Franz Kafka where are you now.

Pete Thomas
Thanks for the update - sorry to hear re trouble you’ve had.
As I stated in my post it is possible to get a Health Insurance at the price I quoted - it’s just the French Visa site that does not state anything re pre-existing etc. - it simply states you have to have Travel Health Insurance.
Personally I feel at the moment things are very raw re Brexit and France is determined to make things as difficult as possible hence the reason we thought we’d visit for just three months this year and wait to see if things settle down.
As it happens we hope to put our property on the market this year or next - nothing to do with Brexit - we’ve had it 20 years and just want a change. I can understand people wanting to sell second homes - paying for the annual maintenance for a house only to be able to use it for only three months - which is what it would mean for us - we don’t want to go when it’s cold and everything is closed down. Perhaps things may change re this and the six months allowance will be reciprocated.
I did ask in my original post whether it is possible to make a return trip back home during the Visa (if emergencies etc occur) - do you know if this is possible?
As it happens, yesterday while walking our dog, I spoke to a couple who also have a second home - in Mallorca - and are obviously in the same position as us - does anyone know if Spain has applied the same conditions as France re specific names of policies? Is it just France?

Yes the 6 momth visa allows for multi visits as does the insurance policy

Thanks for info return visits to U.K. and the insurance info using this visa.
I have been informed since my last reply that Spain also requires Private Medical Insurance without exclusions for pre-existing conditions and with no excess on the policy. For us it will be a case of three months this year and then selling - unless things change.

Finally after writing to the French Ambassador earlier in May the Embassy changed the requirment back to EHIC/GHIC with normal Travel Insurance medical cover. So we reapplied and now gave 6 month visas! And today it’s been announced that vaccinated Brits can enter France! Whoppee! So unless something changes (which it us bound to!!). We should be back in France this month. Now the question is should I go ahead with the 240K euro o building project? My French mason is on tenterhooks.

Why not? Life is an adventure :smiley:

I bet he is for a slice of 240k🤑

It’s a problem I have known him for years we became friends at university. But given the hostile environment now to Brit Second home owners and the COVID opening and shutting I can’t in the short term guarantee I’ll be around to supervise the project and in the long term having to fight for a visa every year is not something common prepared to do. I’m veering towards selling up I’m afraid BLOODY BREXIT!