Heating with wood/oil- Aid link Working - update

The government is set to open the financial funding website from December 22, with eligible households that heat with wood invited to apply
I spotted this in the Connexion.
Yes, I know their reports can be suspect and not being a subscriber I couldnt get beyond the headline but it seems that a government website is going live next month. I wonder how many hoops might have to be jumped through to qualify?



If I click rapidly on the “reader view” icon in Safari as the Connexion page opens I can generally see that whole page :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I’m fairly sure that, if that was really the case, it wouldn’t just in in Connexion :thinking:

Could it be this?

That’s interesting, thank you @graham . I knew this existed for heat pumps and pellet boilers ( as so many arnaque phone calls are informing me :roll_eyes: ) but not wood. I wonder if that’s a recent extension?

Unfortunately it’s academic for me as I don’t currently have any kind of boiler so fitting a new one would be entirely at my cost whatever it was. Sad, eh?

I guess it the usual The Connexion half story…

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The announcement was in the French press too, but this grant is for people who already burn logs or pellets, it’s a complement to the earlier subsidy for heating oil.

Montant, bénéficiaires, date d’ouverture du guichet : les détails de la nouvelle aide pour se chauffer au bois - midilibre.fr

You can register online from 22 Dec

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Just checked again for oil help… we are too high up the income range…
ah well, worth a try.

And for wood

Pour y prétendre : gagner maximum 2,260 euros par mois pour une personne seule et jusqu’à 4 750 € pour un couple avec deux enfants. Ce coup de pouce ira de 50 à 200 euros.

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Thankyou, as I thought, help for those on lower income as it should be.

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Yeah I’m poor enough! Although the figure for a 2 kid family is pretty damn high!

€4750 will be the top of the threshold where people will get the minimum. Below that people will get more.

It was on the national news the other night. Bit like the chèque energie I get for my electricity from the government every year but to help those on lower incomes who heat with wood to buy/pay for their current uses. I would imagine there is a threshold as the wealthy would not get it like the chèque energie which my family do not get as their combined income is well over the threshold. That is done for me automatically via the Impôts and then the Government dept to me direct.

I must admit that the upper one of those figures looks huge to me :thinking:

For a couple, Revenue fiscal 20k euro is the magic number… if you’re below that, help is at hand.

Just making a suggestion that anyone who has applied for Aid and been “turned down”… should have another try.

Not sure if there’s been a change overnight, but I’ve just applied (again) for the oil-help and my household is now “being considered” rather than being immediately told "not a chance… " :crossed_fingers:

EDIT: just received 2 emails…
1 confirming receipt and giving me a dossier number.
1 confirming that my dossier has now been accepted and a cheque will be with me within 60 days… hurrah.


Good news Stella!

Is it like the cheque energy that it has to be paid to a company? I’ve already bought my wood this year and not sire my woosman is official!

Don’t know the details yet… I’ve already paid for the 2 tanks full this September…
(they wanted to see the bill to prove that we do use oil)
I think/believe that the cheque can be used to pay any energy supplier, so long as they are on the approved list.

I’ll keep you informed as things progress.

My woodsman (seriously big beard and everything :rofl: ) is probably not on the list! In his day job he is a secretary at a Mairie :rofl: . I think he just does it for the neighbours!