Hello all shopping

Hi france
We’re moving this month i think im ok on paperwork front for travel but that changes !
We’ve to do a PCR test 72 hrs B4 travel, and 7 day quarantine.
Some info says if from UK youll need a second PCR at 7 days some say not needed ?
I would like to know if you can get food delivered
Not sure how we would get food otherwise ?
Can you get a PCR test in France .

Many of the larger supermarket chains do online shopping and home deliveries for an additional fee. Our local Super U (8km away) charges €5 for home delivery.
If you contact the local Mairie (town hall) they will be able to advise you as to what delivery services are available in your area, and also as to what PCR testing facilities are available. (It’s done by appointment at the Pharmacie in our village.)

In more rural areas, supermarkets may not deliver. However, most of them have a service (often called ‘drive’) where you order online specifying a date and time for collection. You then visit the collection point (usually signed in the car park), identify yourself (via phone, scanning your proof of order etc) and a trolley containing your goods will be wheeled out to your car.

Have a look at the website of your nearest supermarkets for how it works in your location.

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Not in rural areas unfortunately, so very much depends on how the local franchise is set up. We are 8km from a Carrefour market and 20km from a large Carrefour supermarket, but they don’t offer home delivery from either. Much the same with UberEats and Deliveroo. No click and collect from the 8km one either.

I had understood that if you test negative it is accepted that you can do basic shopping. People who are in isolation because of a positive test, or positive contact are more restricted.

Si votre test est négatif, vous pouvez alléger les mesures d’isolement. Concrètement :

  • Limitez vos sorties à l’essentiel.
  • Sortez systématiquement de votre domicile avec un masque chirurgical.
  • Ne reprenez pas le travail hors télétravail et évitez de prendre les transports en commun.
  • N’ayez pas de contact avec des personnes fragiles, même en prenant des précautions : personnes âgées de 65 ans et plus, porteuses d’une maladie chronique, présentant une obésité importante ou femmes enceintes au 3e trimestre.
  • Continuez à appliquer les gestes barrières : lavage fréquent des mains, utilisation de mouchoirs à usage unique, maintien d’une distance de plus d’un mètre avec les autres personnes

And PCR tests available here without problem, and free.

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PCR tests free if you’re already in the French health system. Otherwise it’s chargeable. I got charged 62 euros by a lab that I had to drive 45km to reach as no provision locally.

Many, many pharmacues do antigen tests (around 34 euros) these are accepted to enter UK. France wants PCR.

I wouldn’t dream of not doing the required PCR test 7 days after entry to France. For one thing, you have to sign on an attestation to French Immigration when you’re entering France, that you will do it.

And as I’m rapidly discovering, you never know when French administration isn’t going to demand some old bit of paper in the future :slight_smile:

Me neither - but what do you do if your stay is 7 or 8 days?

the same, Paul. Honestly.

It’s not quite that clear.

PCR results take 24-48 hours, antigen tests (which I don’t think are suitable for the day 7 testing) usually same day.

So, if I get a PCR test ahead of my return journey I probably want it on day 4 or 5 to have the result by day 6 in preparation for travel.

But that is too early for the French rules - however do I then need another test on Day 7, despite the fact that the result will not be back until after I have left the country?

Just in case we’ve made the next trip a 2-weeker, if we still have to test then we’ll probably need two but at least we’ll know when to get them done :slight_smile:

antigen test is all that’s needed to get through UK immigration into UK. cost about 34 euros from pharmacies in France. results on the spot in 20 to 30 mins.

If you are still on French soil7 days after your arrival in France (even in the process of leaving) France says you get a PCR test. When you get the results is immaterial. You get them by email. Someone will also contact you if positive. The French want to know about infected people on their territory and they have the right to know even if you’re in Africa by the time results come through

If I plan to be in France in future I would accept their rules and action (with a paper-printable :slight_smile: record) any promise I’ve needed to make.

I never said that I planned otherwise did I?

I was simply pointing out that doing so would lead to some practical difficulties. Personally I think it easiest to plan stays of < 7 or > 9-10 days at the moment and not run into the quagmire of multiple tests almost at the same dime but for slightly different reasons.

It’s maximum of 72 hours before arriving Karen, not 72 hours before travelling.

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Were travelling to france on a monday and arriving on a Monday im not getting what your saying ?

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Thank you for your replies guess we’ll know when we arrive how best to get our foods we can take some from uk just not meats and milk .
On looking and it quite oftern changes we take test no sooner than 72 hrs b4 travel and 7 day quarantine .
On another point do you have an ID card ?

As I said, if your tests are negative then essential shopping is allowed.

If you do that your test will be invalid.

It’s less than 72 hours @kazz4662 :smiley:


When I entered France a month ago- the border force did’nt ask or seem to care about the declaration form. Once in france after 7 days I did the pcr test-it was free- worth doing in case I got stopped (uk plates)

Its from Uk get the test and travel within 72 hrs so get test fri travel mon if neg or get sat and travel mon ?

dont do it Sat. processing labs might not work Sundays