Help filling in on line CN22/23 ? Am I going completely mad?

I’m trying to post a couple of small orders off to UK and trying to fill in the online form - Formalités douanières
When I get to Formalités douanières and look for UK in the destination pull down I can’t find anything relating to UK, England, Great Britain, Royaume Uni etc etc

Can anyone help ?

Unfortunately have to register to be able to move to that part of form…
You have tried angleterre?

Hi Jane

I’ve gone through the entire list and there is nothing in english or french that could relate to UK ?

Had a look on my LaPoste account. They use Royaume-Uni with a hyphen…

I can’t recall exactly but doesn’t it autofill at some point ?

Sorry I can’t help more than that, but may still be worth trying the P O in person…they should still have the forms.

Thanks Bob, La Poste said it all has to be done on the internet now :frowning: It’s not autofilling but then I can’t see how it would know what country. We’ll try the larger post office on Monday.

Hi Jane, Royaume-Uni isn’t there - it’s just a list of countries, I’ve tried the english language version and the french language version - I’ve gone through each country in the list and cannot find anything for UK
United Kingdom
Grande Bret…
Great Britain

It does list these -
Royaume-Uni - Guernesey
Royaume-Uni - Ile de Man
Royaume-Uni - Jersey
Royaume-Uni- Ocean Indien

It’s taken me 2 hours to try and send one order to UK - and I’ve failed and am completely mad :frowning:

I can’t remember if I told you, but our little village PO had the forms, as the chap told me that the online thing was dropping in & out all the time.
I had tried online but it wouldn’t download.

Just a silly thought… have you tried the French version? The English version may not yet have been updated :thinking:

The list you are describing Karen is exactly what it looked like when I was on the website on 30th December. After that, Royaume-Uni was in the list on its own.
Puzzling - shall go and have a look now…

Having just looked at the site, it has changed again in the past couple of days. When I went to the “printing a stamp” bit there was a new box asking whether it was for documents or merchandise. If documents there is no reference to customs but if merchandise there is a link to the customs form. Is that what you’ve been looking at?

Further comment (and of interest to all fellow IT professionals) - the form has been rushed out without testing as far as I can see and the weights and values boxes have to be massaged to work and no form of UK, Royaume Uni or anything is in the list, not even the ones mentioned before. Also, it has appeared in English for me (even though the rest of the site is in French).

Can you leave it a day or two Karen? They are obviously editing the application on the live platform…

Thanks for the thought Graham, but I have tried the french version too, we’re off to a larger post office today to give that a go :slight_smile:

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Hi Angela, thanks very much for looking at it, I was worried it was just me being a twit. We’re going to try a larger post office today and see if they can deal with the customs bit :slight_smile: I’ll give the site another go during the week.

We’re going to see what the larger post office says today, maybe they’ll give us some forms :slight_smile:

Fingers crossed for that, Karen :crossed_fingers: Please let us know what happens. I shall also keep an eye on the website (that bit of it seems to have been programmed by teenagers and not checked) as I’ll need to send a package to the UK soon!

Well we went to a larger post office yesterday and the 2 smaller value packages (we didn’t want insurance and they were letter size so treated as letters) were posted no problem with the green CN form that we had been told by our post office we couldn’t use any more. The larger value packages which were sent collissimo used the same colissimo form as usual (again we had been told we could no longer use this form) with an additional white customs form.

I don’t know if it will continue like this but fingers crossed :slight_smile:

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That is very interesting Karen. Thank you! If “they” don’t sort out their website in the next few days, I shall be following your example :smiley:

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I’ve just been back on the LaPoste website and tried printing out a customs delaration again with interesting results.
The good thing is that the UK is now in the drop-down list of destination countries for the CN23. They still haven’t fixed the boxes for weight and value but if I overtype it enough times then that works.
However, where I was expecting to be able to print out the form at the end of it, all I got was a barcode (and an emailed version of the same barcode) and an instruction to print out the form within 10 days.
The instructions said that I could present the barcode at the post office for them to print out the form but I’m not at all clear whether I can do anything myself. If anyone else tries this, please do feed back your experience!

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UPDATE - I visited La Poste yesterday with the collisimo and customs form I had been told to use the last time and was told these are now finished and you have to do the forms on the internet. The La Poste chap was very helpful and got me through filling it out on my phone - took 3 goes and half an hour (they didn’t even throw me out when it hit noon, just closed the shutters and carried on helping :slight_smile:

New system takes forever and as a lot of my orders would have previously used the CN22 (low value) now this doesn’t seem to exist and it’s a lot of work for a 10Euro order.

Anyone having similar problems ?