Help for Ukraine & Others closer to home - Update

I’m fairly sure that most of us are following the horrors in Ukraine and wondering where it will all end… and how.
There’s a possibility that refugees from there will be coming into Europe (and UK?)… maybe, maybe not… no-one knows at this point.

However, something positive which perhaps each of us can do… is sort through our cupboards etc and have a bag/case/box of decent clothing etc put aside… ready to hand over to the various associations which handle such situations.

From past experience, I know that when the call for help does come… a quick response is much appreciated.



There are around 2,000 asylum seekers registering in France every week - Afghanistan, Somalia, Bangladesh, côte d’Ivoire etc including Ukrainiens over last few years. So always worth supporting the local associations that assist.

Many towns, even small ones, take in a fixed number at any one time and provide the basics including temporary housing and french language lessons while their papers are being processed. I think part of the strategy to disperse asylum seekers. Therefore likely to be something quite near you. Our town does, and I do feel very sorry for these people washing in the Jura in the middle of winter. Especially those from Côté d’Ivoire!


I am already involved on a regular basis… as are many, many folk.
Gets things into perspective when one meets those (young and old) who have lost everything, including their country…

With recent happenings in Ukraine, I thought it worth mentioning something so easy as “sorting out the wardrobes…” while folk are feeling aghast at what is going on.
To my mind, it doesn’t matter who actually benefits, so long as the stuff is ready to be handed over to whichever Association, as and when…

cheers to all and everyone who makes whatever effort… it all helps.

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Thank you for your message Stella. I am a volunteer with Croix Rouge in our local town. We have a group of refugees right here, and a group of Afghani men nearby. All have been welcomed by our Mairie, given assistance in housing and language classes. We are helping where ever we can with clothes, furniture and so on.
Yes - a box of donations will be helpful. If not given directly to a refugee, moneys raised by the sale of such donations also helps. It gives charities the means to buy ‘direct’ where and when it is needed.


Here are other options to help within Ukraine

I never thought I would ever consider helping fund weapons, but the situation is so extreme I am wavering.

I’m sure other Departments will be doing similar things… so keep your eyes peeled…
There will be all sorts of Help needed… so let’s do what we can…

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je suis Ukraine :ukraine: :eu: :eu:


@graham do you know if your Department has issued a similar call for help, to its residents ???

Hi Stella,

I’m based in the Charente and so far have found this on the Festival Confolens Facebook page -

Festival of Confolens collaborates with its institutional and association partners, to collect essential materials for the Ukrainian people.

We centralize your donations at the Festival office, 3 place Emile Roux 16500 Confolens:

  • Various hygiene products
  • Preserves
  • Dry products
    For more information: 05 45 84 00 77

I have clothes and bed linen to donate and this afternoon, my nearest Red Cross shops were not accepting donations.
If anyone knows of a collection point between 16000 Angouleme and 16500 Confolens, please post details. Thank you.


No Stella, but I see @Sarah_Williams also in the Charente has posted some useful info.

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Frankly… I reckon folk can contact their Mairie… as the Mairie will be in contact with all levels of government and should know where/what/how… etc stuff is being gathered/requested.

Further details below from the Social Centre Confolens, who are working with the festival organisers:
The CSC team wishes to join the collections organized by the Confolens Festival to support the Ukrainian people bruised by so much violence.

We invite you to drop off your donations at the various CSC services / At the reception / At the Leisure Center / At the extracurricular reception / Maison de la Petite Enfance:

For children and adults:

  • Conserves
  • Dry products
  • Hygiene products
  • Equipment (sleeping bags, blankets…)
  • Warm clothes
  • Medicines (compresses, dressings, etc.)

Donations will be handed over to the Confolens Festival Office on Monday March 8 for the first departure of the solidarity convoy

A big thank you in advance to all


@Nigel-at-BUF-House Monday is the 7th March

St. Claud 16450


Please join the Facebook group
Accommodation, help and shelter for Ukraine

Its an exchange site for refugees and people offering help.

donations to the disaster funds of UNICEF and the international Red Cross/Red Crescent marked UKRAINE
Will be well received.


Thank you, Nigel.

Ive just donated to the polish red Cross via my Revolut card - they are matching it euro for euro


Well done @Mark and everyone involved in whatever way.

Locally, our Mairie is gathering stuff from all over the commune…
It’s great to see folk all trying to do something… to help others.