Help Please - moving to Bergerac (or thereabouts) 10th April!

Hi Everybody

My husband and I have finally sold our house to move to France - but we have been given a date of 10th April. Does anybody know of a long let available around the Bergerac area? We would need 4 bedrooms (as we have 2 small children) if possible, and will be happy with anything else! We can pay up to 3 months in advance and would look to rent for 6+ months.

We could also do with guidance on opening bank account, private healthcare, insurance, etc.

We will have plenty of savings to live off for 2-3 years but fully intend to find work once settled.

Any help and long let ideas would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks - Jo (and family!)


It was a word of mouth from a neighbour. He doesn't know much but will ask. If your French is good it might not help since he prefers Occitan and when he must he uses the Périgordin dialect, which is normal hereabouts. Anyway, he told me he will tell me tomorrow,

Happy with either (we are currently enquiring about storage). Thanks Brian. Do you have a contact....? We are happy to e-mail and then my husband can see them (when he pops over in a few weeks - no date set yet) if it looks a viable option....? We are open minded as we know that it is only a few months away from the holiday season! Thanks, Jo

Are you looking for furnished or unfurnished? I just heard of something at €600 today, but not sure about details, however the place is not that far from Issigeac.

Hi Raymond. Many thanks for getting back to me but we were hoping to be within an hour or so of Bergerac so that we could look at different areas and hopefully find our feet. We will of course keep you in mind should we have no success. Many thanks for taking the time to respond though - I do appreciate it. Kind regards, Jo

Thank you James. Great contacts who I have no doubt I will speak to shortly! Much appreciated. Jo

Many thanks Gordon. Much appreciated. I am currently a Deputy Manager in a Children's Nursery, have HND Business, TESOL, Early Years Diploma, H&S, First Aid, Safeguarding Children, Food and Hygiene, HACCP and am studying Special Needs (Level 6). I am aware that not all of these 'skills' are transferable but once I have gained the Special Needs and possibly my PGCE I have a business plan. I am not against taking the same/similar qualifications in France (French) once I have been there for 6+ months. Thanks Gordon, Kind regards, Jo

That's great - many thanks Helen. I have requested to join the group. It will be nice to meet up with people with children and share experiences. Much appreciated. Kind regards, Jo

Hi Peter

My husband and I have looked at the website and whilst we love it we feel that it would be too expensive for us. We were looking at a monthly rental of approx 750 -900 euros per month. We will of course keep you updated of our situation and if you are happy ask the odd query.....? Many thanks for the response though - I do appreciate that people take time to respond. Kind regards, Jo

Hi there Peter

Looks very interesting indeed (I am taking a quick peek whilst at work!). What sort of rent were you thinking of? I hope to get back on here later tonight to update everybody and thank them for their advice (as it is all appreciated). My husband maintains our garden and very old cottage so can turn his hand to many things (he renovated the house when it was derelict so isn't shy of hard work either). Any more information would be gratefully received. Kind regards, Jo

Brilliant analogy !

Hi Joanne, there is a brilliant Facebook group called Mums Space France. It is so useful and friendly and a great way to meet other local mums.

I'm 2 1/2 hours from Bergerac, looking to sell but could rent. 5 bedrooms, pool, potager 5 acres.Rent would be reduced by you maintaining the place.

Paulette Booth and John Dislins can help you Joanne. Best of luck :)


We opened a bank account with Credit Agricole Britline before we moved to France as you can deposit euros and then obtain a debit card for using. It made sense because at that time we didn`t know exactly where we would settle - once we chose where to live we opened an account with a local bank - but not Credit Agricole as the local staff were unhelpful in obtaining a mortgage.

Rental properties are hard to find and you are moving over at the start of the holiday Gite season when the cost of winter lets gives way to far more expensive accommodation. Try Arcad Immo in Eymet - they are one of the few agents who do offer properties to let.

What skills do you have to export to France to find work? have you researched what is available?

Also Allianz are very similar price and cover. They do have one totally fluent English speaking agent in the area if you actually need one.

Joanne if you still have a uk bank account that is still open then you can open a account with credit agricole [britline ] without leaving the uk call them on 0033 [0]231 556789 to speak to a english speaking advisor or go online to and press the link to britline. we have been with them for 12 years with no complaints at all.

There is also an English speaking AXA lady on here (dont have her name readily at hand) who seems very helpful

Hi Joanne, try Axa for banking and insurance. Chose an agent in your area, contact them and they should be able to process some of the paperwork via email before your husbands visit. I see there are at least 5 agents in Bergerac centre and one of them probably speaks English if you need it. You can also apply directly online at

Good morning,

We would be delighted to help with the rental, & also with general advice if you wish.

We have a manoir house that would suit you up until 10th July. - Not 6 months though.

Not sure that links are allowed? -

- If link is stripped out Google manoir house self catering in St. Marcel du Perigord.

Delighted to discuss advantageous rates.