Help please. Proportions of sand to lime for pointing exterior of house

Help needed please …is there anyone who can tell me the proportions of sand to lime needed to point exterior walls.
Also we have been advised to use some cement but not sure on this one?
It is a rather large job with the whole house needing pointing and I would like to get it right.

I was taught by a French macon to use 3:1 (sand/lime), no cement.

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Have a look at this topic. Eerily similar to your question. Hope it helps.

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There are quite a few posts on the subject here too

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3:1, Sand : lime :+1:

I’ve used both 4:1 and 3:1 but now always use 3:1. No cement!

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Many thanks for the replies… anyone willing to do the job :grin: I’m not looking forward to it, but needs must to stop the meeses and other critters living in the walls, I don’t want to evict the birds so will wait until they have flown…

Any idea of the total area to be picked out and pointed Jacqueline?

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Hello Tim

No idea of square meterage, but it is the house and attached small grange that all needs pointing :scream:

From the experts.

Pleased I didn’t see that before I did it, I would never have started John :roll_eyes:

You will find the “recipe” here in French:

The reason I forward you the link is because the amount of lime and sand is well known by everyone. But there are different purposes that can change the amounts of each ingredient.

Depending upon the purpose therefore the recepies are slightly different in the quantities of the two ingredients. In fact, the site itself warns anyone thinkng of DIY with this phrase that I will translate: “The realization of a lime plaster is not within the reach of all. Mixtures must be rigorous and the application requires great control.”