Help plz I have broken down

Continuing the discussion from :robot: Greetings!: Whilst on holiday my home built camper has broken down…can’t get it fixed…is there anywhere I’d get ££for it to help get home…

Hello Noel and welcome to the forum.

It depends which country you are actually in… some countries may have a scrapyard…

Have you contacted your Vehicle Insurance company…??

scrap yard your looking at 50€ why can you not get it fixed? Is is something major?

Blablacar is a cheep way to get around but cheapest by far is flying

I have contacted them…they are as useless as a chocolate fire guard, covered for recovery to nearest garage I’m in France…the garage said 7000 Euro lol…it’s a fuel injection problem ( overfueling ) they r having a laugh are 2500 to take me back to boat…

Harry fawcett
I have no tools nor parts and don’t think it’ll make it back to boat…got it recovered to a garage who said it may be a injection problem (overfueling)…looking 7000 euro yes 7000 to look at and fix are 2500 to leave me at boat…

Oh dear… sounds like you need to ask family and friends back in UK, if you have insufficient funds here in France to get you back to the boat.

I doubt any scrapyard will give you much for your home-built camper… you might just have to leave it at the garage.

On the other hand, you could contact the British Embassy here is the link

Why not ask your Vehicle Insurance company to add International Recovery to your Policy. They will certainly make an extra charge to do this…at this stage… but it would be worth it to get you home…

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ouch. Personally I would never go abroad with my vehicle without international recovery. I also learnt the hard way although mine was just a car. vehicle transporters might be your next best option and they normally will take you as well. depending where you are probably looking at 500€ or more but that at least gets you and your van home

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I’m not taking it personaly, But, the ‘Willy’ bit, makes me wonder :thinking: :rofl:


I’m in south of France m8 470 miles back to boat…

then looking like you have very few option.

  1. Ditch the motor and travel back by any means necessary.
  2. Pony up and but the international insurance and get brought back.
  3. Get on social media and the blower to friends and family and either buy the part and have it brought over with tools via friends.
  4. do none f the other and find an alternative.

Unfortunately the group is unlikely to be able to offer any other advice from this as there just is not anything else anyone can do for you…

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Hi Noel

In addition to Harry’s suggestions…

You could always contact the local Gendarmerie … they have contacts across the country (and beyond)… It is just possible that they might be able to advise a course of action which will get you home…

Dump the van and take the train - i.e. with the money you would have used for fuel. :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:

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I hadn’t thought of the train… well done Simon. :relaxed:

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give kings a call.
+44 7735 406924

they operate in the south of France and will do it far cheeper than 2500 (edited as making it more simple to understand for folks who could not understand.) They are a UK / EU registered transporter company.

If they are in the south of France why do they have a UK phone number?

ohh let me see. Because they live here as well? I know so many English folks that live here that maintain English mobiles. You maybe need to get out more.

I recon a third of my 200+ English clients still have English mobiles. Kings are also a registered UK car transporter long before he bough a place in France as well. He has a french mobile but thats his personal number along with his french landline but i wont be sharing them.

Does that answer your question?

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No it does not.

Oh well there is no pleasing some folks and some of them just cannot be pleased, the other just troll.

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