This looks like a great site but since joining every time I log on it takes ages to load pages and times out. Any ideas to rectify please.


I do in deed - I'll even gor for an aïe aïe aïe ! I've always stuck to firefox, in a vain attempt not to use microsoft products and it's excellent. Open office still does pretty much everything I need too but I'm forced to keep everything Office standard for agencies!

Biggest problem normally comes with internet speed rather than the browser these days. At IUT we have a ridiculously slow wifi connection which often times out - no fault of firefox at all!

For IE, shout äie! Andrew will agree.

Yes that's correct, Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Opera, basically anything but IE!

Yes, I'll go with Sheila there on Firefox. At this moment I have two mailboxes, Facebook, SFN, a news channel I am always switching about and work I am doing on line and with Firefox I can jump from one to another with pages simply opening as I call them up and time-outs only when France Telecom occasionally cause chaos.

Confirm that Sheila, although I'm not an expert, it works fine for me, very quick uploads etc.

Hi Stuart. This problem might be better addressed in the Computer Corner group

More information is needed - what browser, what type of computer, etc. Best browser for SFN is (I believe) Mozilla Firefox.

Hi Stuart

I'm no expert but it is almost certainly your browser. What are you using?