High-context and low-context cultures

Interesting reading

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Yes interesting reading…I’m not surprised that Native American culture is high context…

And I’ve always felt that the English language is lacking when it comes to expressing ethereal concepts like “freedom” and “source energy in body”…maybe that’s when music and song become more important and can cross imaginary borders and unite people globally…


For me, perhaps the most gripping topic encountered on SFN so far. I’ve scanned several pages of stuff, and will follow up some of the tributary references in due course. African discourse has always interested me, as I was necessarily immersed in it through my marriage into a family some members of which spoke only the local vernacular ciBemba.

I had a smattering only, which engaged me in tuning in to the non-verbal behavioural components of discourse, especially the silences that occured, and their apparent significance.

These articles have reminded me of all that, and I’m very glad they’ve been posted, James.

Perhaps it’s an ill sting that doesn’t cause someone else’s heart to swell to bursting point, if that isn’t stretching a point about your not presently being up to laying drains, tiling roofs, or pouring concrete James. :bed:️:cry::grin: