Hipy papy bthethdth thuthda bthuthdy

I see that our Ron Birks has his 6th birthday tomorrow. So I am taking a famous quote from literature:

So Owl wrote...and this is what he wrote:


Pooh looked on admiringly.

"I'm just saying 'A Happy Birthday'," said Owl carelessly.

"It's a nice long one," said Pooh, very much impressed by it.

I think that in common with Owl I have writing problems and mihgt have meant 61, but we won't let that come between friends. EVERYBODY please pass on greetings to our friend.

Aha, comes of having met the only person to have been both in Dr Who and Star Trek! Helped him buy a lawnmower in Homebase once. Hence the confused language - Homebase always does that to me!

... still here in Germany aunt no 1 90 is in hospital...aunt no 2 88 is with me.... talk about dizzerink, god....what's that thing called when you keep forgetting stuff? Dimensekrankheit... must write that down.... where's me Biro?

excueeze me M. Milne. who are you? and why are you speaking Klingon?

Du hast den Heiligen Vitus ausgetanzt ohne frage, denn er war nur ein Martyr aber Du bist, und da bin ich auch stolzt um dem Gleichen zu behaupten, ein Nutter. Lebe wohl die Verrückten!

....Having stayed in the Der Vaterland for some time now, I found that I have got to grips again with the language...gutterally Tuetonic, but still retaining the Gallic shrug... freaked 'em out so much I was rushed into Krankenhouse with suspected St.Vitus Dance.

PLEASE NOTE this is NOT true, merely an attempt at lightening my mood..Ach Englischen humoore, Monty Pyson!!!

bit knackered to play....back on side soon.

where am i

im sure you and Ron are on a different planet to everyone else. It has been good to see his birthday messages.

Did Peter Brough have anything to do with it, must be Marlene if it's M and if its W it's Mrs Grommit. So that's that then, now for a nice cup of tea, now where did I leave the stove, come to that where's the house?

... no no It wasn't an M it was a W... she was doing a handstand... very nice to meet you, in any event Mr Wilne.

M, ha, don't believe it - nobody has a wife whose name begins with M, by the way who am I?

....My wife has just phoned, cos here mobile keeps ringing with SFN messages of us all being stupid ( she said )... at least she claims to be my wife....whaddo-I-no? can't remember the name ...begins with a M

... I knew a Brain Milne once, Nick.... funny guy....

It’s obvious: he’s mainline BR

who's Brian Milne?

Now I wonder why anybody would eat a chocolate rugby player, sod forgot what I was on about again or was it Ron on about it, come to that who am I and wo bin ich? Genau gesagt, Frau Holler wohnt wohimmer und could you tell me the time anyway, just in case... In case what, forgot again. Who are you anyway and what that hanging out of your ear?

...Ps mad as a box a frogs! ( chocolate )

Nick...I've eaten chocolate cigars, ciggies, even had a choclit teapot! but seriously what use a choco-rugby ball??? you'll be tellin' me next you can get choco-flavoured... profilac...prophil...prophylict..profyl...nodders

Ron, it’s a chocolate rugby boot I’m eating. Who would ever dream of eating a cigar.
Mad or what? :wink: