History in the Making

I think today, with the Biden and Harris inauguration I have seen history in the making. Somehow, no other inauguration (not even Obama’s first one) has had for me quite the significance of today.
Feels good. :slight_smile:


Feels reassuring to know that Donald is hopefully no more.I think we can all sleep a bit easier now.

And an amazing poet (and poem) for the day.


I agree but possibly for different reasons, for me today represents the last time we’ll see an old white man sworn in as president of the USA whilst also being the start of an era where people of colour come to the forefront of American politics.


And not a moment too soon in my opinion.


I wouldn’t have believed it Peter, but I believe last night I did!

I just feel ´the world’ is safer or should I say less vulnerable with Trump out of the way.
Or maybe countries which pose a threat may feel it safer to take on Biden rather than the unpredictability of Trump ?
Interesting times ahead.

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From Stay European:

Trump gone, now get rid of 'Britain Trump’

Donald Trump left the US presidency the same way he entered it: lying. Finally his four long years have come to an end and the relief is palpable.

But our own “Britain Trump”, as Trump liked to call Boris Johnson, is still with us. The Trump and Brexit projects were joined at the hip: Americans have shaken their nightmare, but ours haunts us still.

Still, there is hope: after the far-right storming of the Capitol, the world is starting to realise the dangers of populist rhetoric and conspiracy theory. If the US can remove Trump, an authoritarian who denied his own election defeat to the last and tried to cling to power by inciting violence, we can surely end this Tory government and its disastrous Brexit experiment.


I think there was relief at the depature of Trump, even amongst the gods. The goddess of dawn, Aurora, gave us this

A more wonderful start to the dawn of a new era you couldn’t wish forDAWN 01


An American friend of mine was even counting down the seconds until he knew we were safe …

As Biden made his speech, the clock ticked over to 12:00. At that point the codes for launching nuclear weapons switched from Trump’s briefcase to Biden’s. As my friend wrote, they were now in the hands of a sane man.

As for ‘old white men’… just make candidates for any office, US or otherwise, honest and intelligent. Their provenance is immaterial if they are.


All around the world, there’s a weight off peoples’ shoulders. but I do feel sorry for the cartoonists and satirists…


This administration has more experienced incomers than any previous one.
It knows its way around and, even though it seems that the Trump administration did its best to keep them in the dark regarding military and Covid matters, they are much better placed to hit the ground running.



Not wishing to appear morbid here or anything, but there is a chance that History could see the first female president in this term… Joe IS 78 after all…

(I am not being ageist - I promise!!!)

… Joe Biden has an ominous recurrent cough, though it might be related to his reputed stammer. But it is a cause for some concern, in my reckoning.

I’m 79 and I’ve had a persistant cough since my 50s and I feel extremely well - there’s nothing wrong. When I swallow, a little bit always goes down the wrong way and irritates, causing me to cough. I always say out loud while Biden is talking and coughing - “have a glass of water” - “have a drink” - “clear your bloody throat…!!!” It may simply be dry. He must get through a hell of a lot of talking, and he does tend to raise his voice quite dramatically at times - a strain on the vocal chords?

Of course there are likely a number of reasons for a persistant cough.

What worries me more about Biden is his appearance, the way he walks and the look of being physically ‘feeble’. But then he seems fit having seen him cycling. I assume he keeps fit and has regular checkups.

When he was vaccinated his arm appeared to me to be reasonably firm - even muscular? In good reasonable health for a man of his age.

On the other hand when he spoke and signed another official document yesterday he seemed puffed, a bit breathless after rising up to answer questions. But then when you sit your lungs can get a bit scrunged up and may make you momentarily ‘breathless’ when you stand up.

That happens to me when I bend down while gardening or tying my shoes. Doctor said that’s normal as you get older.


There is a special clinic at the Wythenshawe Hospital in Manchester which is a world leader in continuing coughing.
You could ask your Medicin Traitant to investigate for you, and google them yourself, and perhaps they might ask for advice?

No thanks Jane. I’m a hypochondriac and have learned now not to google health matters. Most health complaints are minor, nothing to worry about I’ve learned, so I don’t worry about them any more.

Thanks anyway.

After the inauguration ceremony, Biden’s car headed to the White House. He and his family got out and walked the rest of the way. The TV networks had their people along one side of the street. Al Roker, a well-known TV personality in the US, hollered over to him: Mr President! Mr President! Joe Biden saw him and RAN over to him and they bumped fists.

I’m so happy, and so so relieved, to have two decent people as President and VP.

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Not sure where to post this. It’s a request for views about the USA based on what I stumbled across on YouTube during the pandemic. Here goes…

I haven’t come to grips yet with this America (California)of 1906 and how it is today. You can see how it is today on Google Earth and I much prefer Market Street as it was then. Sigh!

What comes to mind about America back then from this trip down Market Street in San Francisco, in 1906?

Obviously dress and transport and a sense of change and growing enterprise is clearly evident. But what else? Ideas would be appreciated.

I see an elderly bearded man at the end of this trip who could easily have fought in the American civil war as a younger man.

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