Horseradish Sauce

Has anyone managed to buy jars of ready made horseradish sauce/relish,confit etc., Do the french not eat it? merci bien

It’s not called Horseradish in France… it’s called Sauce Raifort and its generally available in Intermaché by Colemans


Super U have it too - Raifort (Kuhne)

Lots of places sell it, especially shops that cater to german tourists! We get it in our bio shop.

merci les tous! je suis heureuse!! Bring on Sir Loin!!

or dig up a rhizome and make your own :wink:

omg - as if - as Shirley Conran said life is too short to stuff a mushroom!

Our ground is frozen solid, and someone (who shall remain nameless) forgot to dig up a root and pop it in a bucket of sand in the shed…

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Afternoon. I bought this from Amazon last year and it is still going strong!

oooh will have a go at that - wonder if there will be import duty! Je pense que la France n’aime pas Amazon!

9.74 + 7.60 delivery! - blimey it’s not exactly caviar or truffle - it would have to last me a year too! Think I’ll look in Intermarche

i just noticed it’s 2kg!!!

I also got the catering sizes for Mint Sauce, Colmans Mustard and Tartare Sauce. Keep them in the fridge in the garage. I decant into smaller jars to keep in the fridge in the house :slight_smile:

Oh, and of course - Malt Vinegar!

All of which can be bought in local shops! Support your local businesses…

(Except mint sauce but so easy to make!)


quote=“Pamela_Shields, post:7, topic:33180”]
life is too short to stuff a mushroom!

The problem with ready-made HR sauce (apart from its cost in France), is that, as with many similar UK products, the quality and quantity of cheap vinegar they contain turns them into tooth enamel strippers that obliterate the taste of the meat they’re intended to complement. It’s worth remembering that many ‘traditional’ English accompaniments to roast meat were originally there to disguise the fact that the meat was a bit too high, or worse!

When living in the UK, I used to buy horseradish root, grate it and simply combine it with crème fraîche for a far superior dressing. Unfortunately since moving here, haven’t had any success growing horse radish, so we don’t eat it. Anyhow, there’s plenty of interesting alternatives one can make using fresh local ingredients

Nevertheless, still open to advice on horseradish growing in the Midi.

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Order German horseradish, it is fabulous. I always bring back supplies every time I go and see my parents.

I have always grown horseradish in containers so it does not get out of hand ,12-14" containers with multi-purpose compost and put three thongs to a pot around 1" below the surface starting in March.
Place in a sunny or partially shaded spot, and keep well watered cutting any damaged leaves off as it grows, it is easy to grow in containers.


Thanks - will do!

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Do you grow from foraged or cultivated plant roots?

Thanks for that, seems all-round good advice, though I’m not sure about the ‘three thongs’ -it may surprise some more cosmopolitan readers, but I don’t have any thongs at all at present and obviously want to ensure that if I buy some, they’re the right sort! :wink: