Hot Tub - Advice please

What are your thoughts on a smallish one for just us two…
It would have to be situated on our terrace all year round.
Easily maintained… ???

You’re not thinking about one of those inflatable hot tub things?

No… just looking for thoughts.

Been reminiscing (over the ether) with our daughter about a holiday we spent with her and our grandson… some years ago… at a Devon farm…and how we enjoyed the hot-tub.

Just made me wonder…

I don’t spend money easily… so probably, I’ll talk myself out of it by the end of the day… :rofl:

We had a six people one in UK but indoors in an integral garage we converted for the purpose.
Absolutely loved it!
Lot of work though keeping it tickety-boo and keeping the water quality just right.
That was over 13 years ago since when we moved to France and had thought of another one but not actually got round to it. I’m sure recent models are probably different now so we are a bit out of date but friends in Spain have a 2 person tub on their roof terrace in the Costas and swear by it.

It was a tight fit!

The articulating cover ensured that it kept at the right temperature when not in use

Can’t remember how much the whole thing cost now - including the replacement of the front of the garage and decoration etc but I don’t think we got much change out of about £10k for the whole ensemble :roll_eyes:
Those were the days eh?

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We put one on the decking outside which comes with it’s own furniture.
We wanted something we could easily put away in the winter, but I hate inflatable hot tubs.
We went with the Netspa Octopus as it has rigid foam inserts that go between the two liners and for us give the best of both worlds, I didn’t want a rigid spa and this one takes 3/4 hour to empty and fold up back into its box, but is very durable and each part is replaceable, very happy with it and we use it most nights and if we want it in a different place it takes 1 hour to empty and move.
It’s one of the best buys we have made across here.


Really like the look of this one, would serve our needs perfectly, where did you buy yours?

So what do people actually do in these?

Sit with a glass of something @KarenLot ? :smiley:

I used a jacuzzi in the gym I used to go to in the UK and hated it so I suppose it depends how much you like going pink and crinkly in a hot humid environment :rofl:

Having said that - yours does look nice , Colin, and very practical!

OH and I sat in a hot-tub, early evening in Devon sunshine… sipping champagne… while young grandson did his best not to drown… :wink:

The old photos have got me all nostalgic

Actually a plastic glass for safety

As they only contain around 1m3 of water just drain and refil between usage. pH doesnt really matter so long as it’s above 7.
Tiny amount of chlorine required, a cap full is all thats needed per day.
We plumbed the boiler to feed the hot tub for instant hot water but used a thermostatic mixing valve for safety. Also some other bespoke bits like hot air into the jets. Considered using a heat exchanger coupled to the boiler to keep the water warmer but for now just top up from the boiler when needed.
I could go on and on :roll_eyes: :joy:

There are fabulous wooden ones you heat with an integral wood burner, made by Størvatt, I covet one :heart:

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We got ours in a sale with €300 off at erobot-piscine, but Mano Mano and quite a few others do it.

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bloody Nora… we used ours every day and it took ~4 hours to refill and about the same to drain! I did say it was big! Let alone the heating costs getting it back up to temperature!
We did take some water out occasionally though and topped it up with fresh - perhaps once a month and a full drain down/clean every 3 months.
Totally impractical draining and refilling between use…

I think you know that I meant between usage not being every day. Doesn’t take long and costs about 20% using a gas boiler over the internal electric element.

One nutty client of ours has put theirs out in the open and in the summer it’s in full sun for 10 hours a day, impossible to keep the temperature under control which often makes it unusable for guests.

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Don’t ask - you really do not want to know!

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The only time I ever enjoyed a hot tub was in the states in Vermont in the middle of winter. Wonderful place that had a outdoor hot tub with a view of snowy landscape. Sat and read a book.

Can’t imagine ever wanting to use one when it’s hot outside!

It’s good for cooling down as well :wink:

yes i think in summer we’d be keeping it very cool if / when we get one!

Sounds heavenly!

Dirty mind :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I’ve seen loads of cool wooden ones, lots of youtube videos with people in the states making thier own with gorgeous red cedar!

That is about 8€ a pop here! I guess you mean periodically rather than between usage?

I found a great UK website where a guy built one with breeze blocks. We are going to attempt that I think, great finish!