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Hot Tub Help! Our ‘Candadian Spa’ hot tub has stopped working. The electricity suppy is working and we are lead to believe that the fuses are OK. We have been let down again by the manufacturers technician - is there anyone who can service/repair a hot tub. We are in dept 32. And yes I know, the weather is hot for a hot tub, but it is great when the water is cold and you dont have room for a pool :slight_smile:

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Maybe ask a local ‘leccy’ to check it out Jane, pumps etc .

Jane i assumed you had had out an electricien ?
There is a brilliant one in your village i can send you his number on mesanger if you want to try. Last time i asked he had a 3/5 week waiting list but as you are in same village maybe !

Now there’s a First World problem lol! :wink:

To us it is a problem - we are based in the UK and have been promised a technician since April, who never turns up - thank you for your helpful comment !

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Woahhhhhhh get a grip Jane it was a light-hearted , realistic comment aimed at giving a degree of perspective - lighten up!

What would you do if you had the same problem in the UK? Well - it’s just the same here…funnily enough :slight_smile:

And this is where I recommend Størvatt who make hot tubs you heat up with wood :slight_smile::slight_smile:
I covet like mad but haven’t got one.


Depending on how practical you are, I would bet its a simple fix. Probably the capacitor (condenser) on the pump, simple to change and just a few pounds.

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If you are based in the UK what is the problem, unless you are letting your property ? If you are here now then try asking at your local town hall for the numbers of the local electricians.
This is why I always advise people to make themselves known to the Mayor and his secretary, if they’ know’ you then they will make an effort to help.
Try looking on FB pages for your area, that’s where you can find ads and people who are in the know. Local newspapers, ex pats, (horrible word) sites, lots there but better to be here in France to do it. Good luck :slight_smile:

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Try to get a local leccy to have a look Jane, when you have the opportunity, lots of silly comments here at times :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t know about dept 32 but here in 36 ( around our local towns ) electricians and plumbers are in short supply. Our mayor has even advertised to try and bring in more.
For my change of central heating boiler ( a costly business of a few thousand euros) I had to book up 4 months in advance!
So for a small problem on a maison secondaire it would be really low on their list of priorities, especially if the owners aren’t there…

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Hi Jane and Welcome to the Forum.

In this heat, the opportunity to pop into a cool pool/tub does sound inviting… :relaxed: dratted nuisance that something has gone wrong… :thinking:

One thought… you talk about the Manufacturer’s Technician … is the Tub under any sort of guarantee ??.. since someone else touching it might negate that… :roll_eyes:

I wonder if Swimming Pool service folk… also work on Hot Tubs in France… since I note they often do in UK.

These Links detail what might be involved… and perhaps can give you guidance on what to look for… what might have gone wrong… (I’m not recommending the Company, I just find their info about Servicing very interesting)

don’t click the “contact us” on this next Link, just scroll down the page for an itemised “checklist” :relaxed:

Its not as easy as just getting a local sparky in to have a look, unless there’s a problem with the supply (which apparently there isnt). It could be any of a whole load of reasons, sensor failure (there are a few), pcb failure, control panel fault, pump problem etc. Ive had all of these in the past, its almost impossible to get someone who has the slightest clue to have a look, especially in "la france profonde ", so I had to diagnose and fix myself. Fortunately there are loads of spares out there.
Must be bloody frustrating if you aren’t even there.

Well you’ve put me off getting one, if you’ve had so many problems Mark. :roll_eyes:

They are great, nothing better (well not much🤣) than having a couple of beers in the tub after a hard day as the sun goes down.
I bought mine cheap and 2nd hand 10 years ago so bound to be a few problems, but I’ve always got them fixed.

We won’t talk about running costs though​:sob::fearful::astonished: need a wood fired one

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My son in law has installed a wood fired hot tub and sauna in their very simple Austriam mountain chalet.
They will be getting electricity this year, but no plumbing.

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This is why Størvatt is so marvellous, there is nothing electric to go wrong. And no plastic.

Mark, it can’t cost that much to run compared to a standard swimming pool of 45x time the water content plus?

That doesn’t mean it’s not expensive.

Care to define expensive a little more David?