How are you surviving today?

I've got a cold - why is that interesting? Well it's not - except that when I first moved to France I didn't know what to ask for when I went to the pharmacy - usually I buy Nurofen Cold & Flu - what is it in France? Nurofen Rhume.

I've just paid a bill in France by cheque - why is that interesting? well it's probably not. It's routine stuff now BUT when I first moved to France the whole idea of writing out a cheque was daunting. 1899.87 une(?) mille huit cent quatre vingt neuf euro et quatre vingt cents/centimes?? Oh dear. Oh and I put that it in the wrong it's the opposite way round to UK cheques where we write out who it is to before the amount. Goodness how did I survive back then?

Registering with les impots, CAF, RSI, Ursaaf, getting our carte vitales for the family, paying our taxes, registering to vote (well sort of), sorting out our EDF tarif as our electricity kept cutting out...yes many of these issues are familiar to those of you having recently moved to France. Some days I imagine you don't know how you will survive?

I know how you will survive. Survive France. That's how.

Well..interview wise...four booked and another 6 applications waiting for closing date before interviews sent out....only 3 jobs Im really interested in. Nursing is so many the NHS only one aspect...and yes..they are getting rid of staff right, left and centre.....will have to see....its more a case of avoiding the age discrimination than anything else...we will see....hope to announce a new job soon. Enjoy your sure it was a long haul and a delight to hear it was all worthwhile...again..congrats Brian...really pleased for you beat your daughter to the sack!

Thanks Carol. Sitting here with a generous Glenfiddich, about to challenge my daughters to a race to see who can hit the sack first. How's job hunting? One of my old student day friends who is just about to retire from a senior surgeon post at Addenbrookes says the going is getting tough with the government, hope that's not going to affect you. Never fair to touch health and any government that does needs to be got rid of...

Happy Birthday Brian..sorry its late...was flying to the UK today so not long home... What a brilliant birthday gift hearing your book to be published...hope the fizzy was on ice....hope you had a fabulous day..many congrats and all good wishes...xxxx

Oh yes, several years work (not full time, of course)... now as they say... on verra.

Congrats, Brian, that's excellent news! Very inspirational.

Fantastic news Brian! Well done! And Happy Birthday too, you won't forget this one in a hurry, will you?

Tin of virtual squashed tomatoes on its way Bri!


so pleased for you Byron....all good things and all that. Nice one buddy! well done

Look everybody, it's my birthday, thanks for congratulations several of you already, but just as I was stopping for lunch an email arrived from the publisher saying my book was accepted. What a wowee for me I'll tell you. It is my personal 'opus magnus' as an academic and I'll never, ever write anything that big again but talk about the cat that got the cream. I AM surviving for all the c r a p that I have had this year, today is the best day of the year and Suzanne was asking about today specifically.

just tried to 'speed up' cooking jacket potatoes by using the ping & ding - except it has just blown up on me! What was all that about today looking brighter? Ah well at least it's nearly siesta time :)

We've been here nearly seven years now - and I can't believe we are still here. It was always my husband's dream not mine, but I compromised and gave it two years - now you see why the nearly seven years is relevant. My french now is a whole lot better than when we arrived, even though it still has a long way to go, and hubby can't really say he has learned a whole lot, but he does manage on the occasions when I am not there. We have sorted taxes, France telecom, Impots, registered hubby for the gite, now have wonderful french and english friends, Got husband through cancer to full fitness, and are now enjoying our lives as we never thought possible. Vive la France! :)

it is nice to know that there is a fat controller presiding over a mixing desk bigger than Uhurus, more screens than a multiplex, more buttons than a Pearly king's jacket and more feeds than a new born.

All seeing all knowing. and only one arm . All Hail

I thought Doliprane was just paracetamol, didn't know that was all Calpol was, it wasn't around when I lived in the UK. Yesterday I was trying to go through very boring accounting details in French and thinking 'my vocab has gone out the window

Suzanne is a woman of great wisdom, sun and blue skies heal many great ills...

James... Just in case, it was nice knowing you... ;-)

Doing well so far, although if Catharine's b'day pressies don't turn up in the post today I won't be doing so well tomorrow!

The sun is shining, the sky is blue, I think I'll get them out for some fresh air and a run around, that should clear things up a bit too :)

Suz, the bright side is that when everybody is better they come out of it with better resistance (well, for a few weeks or unless omething entirely different...), and if it feels like forever now I am sure that in a week's time you'll be moving on. Val, cement dries, freezers eventually turn up and 50 pages plus are not as big a read as you have commented on before, so go for it. You have a little man to celebrate with this evening. Set a token place for me.

Keys, money and such matters are trivia in life's big picture, but Nick is kinda saying that already. Johnny, oh merde, you went for jackpot there. But yes, you say you are surviving.

Johnny Johnny Johnny..done it, bin there, bort the hoodie