How many people in your town/village voted FN at the last election?

Here in our village I was horrified to find that ten per cent voted FN at the last general election.
Do you know how many voted that way in your town/village and what is the likelihood of FN gaining votes in the forthcoming election?

The FN is a legitimate, long standing political party. Why is it a surprise that 10% of your locals voted for them? In many areas their share of the vote is much higher than that.

Is this info available online? I would like to know!

Yes, it is available online… go seek…:smiley:

just over 20% voted FN in our commune, first tour…but, or course, no-one in the second…:joy:

I’ve taken pity on you James…

this is an interactive site… very useful/interesting


Very interesting. 19% FN voters in my commune compared to 14% in the nearby town. That’s a bit lower than I would have guessed it will be interesting to see the change this time around. I still feel safe enough to go out for a local walk or cycle ride without my knife proof vest and don’t expect to be spat on in the queue at my local SuperU. I must see if I can get figures for my home town in South West England as I’m sure that their UKIP candidate would have polled more than that as he was saying exactly what a lot of the local population want to hear. Worrying times for some.

Hi James, I am not sure. I was told it by one of my friends who is on the local Council.
There must be somewhere which publishes election results, as there is in UK.
It was about 10 % of the electorate, which is not a lot, but when you only have 270 in the village it isn’t nice to think that so many are thinking that way.
I would love to know who they are?

14.1% Here in Les Landes

Thanks! 14.1%

In the régionales the FN got 25% in the 1st round and 23% in the second, in my village. Appalling in my opinion but unsurprising if you consider the demographic (old white people who have never lived elsewhere and are paranoid about people from the wrong side of the Med).

Hi Veronique, it is not just people from the old French colonies, but their attitude to fellow Europeans that worries me.
We have a high percentage of very old people in our village and there is still animosity towards families who were called collaborators in WW2.
Also they are fertile ground as were the OAP’s in UK who were led to believe that the NHS would get a fortune if the UK were to leave the EU.

Rather like UKIP there has been a persistent 20-25% or so support but so far it has been hard for the FN to swing more votes when the chips are down.

It was said of Trump that his core support was strong but that he would not swing the undecided voters - we all know how that went don’t we?

With the Socialists generally out of favour and the Republican candidate embroiled in controversy I’m not sure I would put money on either Hamon or Filon if the run off is between one of them and Le Pen. Maybe Macron has the appeal; not sure.

My commune was aghast when the FN got 20% in the first round in 2012.

“who voted for that lot” came the cry… of course, it’s all very private, as it should be… but I did think it odd, that no-one seemed eager to stand up and be counted.

26% in the land of Jaurès :open_mouth:

Be afraid!

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Be very afraid!!

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The right to vote is a fundamental human right. What right do others have to criticise someone who has chosen to cast their vote for a legitimate candidate in a national election because that candidate best matched his needs? Instead of criticising their choice I believe that we should respect their right to make it.


Not disagreeing with you David… but we are all human… and the reaction I witnessed was spontaneous.

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David, history does repeat itself and the history of extreme right wing parties in government is nit good, to say the least.

It’s not that straightforward with the FN. Many of their policies are far to the right but others are very much to the left of centre. That apart these voters are voting for members of a long standing, legitimate, popular political party. We might not like their choice but we do not have the right to make libellous statements about them.

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