How to: create a micro-enterprise and tax implications

I am trying to create a micro enterprise but i am afraid of possible tax bombs landing on my letter box. I would love to hear from others who have the experience and can give me some advice.


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Welcome to France :wink:

And this is the simple way of running a small business!

OMG i think I need a lie down, or a good calculator :wink: Thanks again.


Yes my husband is AE Prof Liberale & we declare on line via net-entreprises. Everything seems to be in order with our AE declarations from URSSAF so I guess we’ll just ignore this form. It has zero amounts on it anyway. We get so much paperwork I end up ignoring half of it as it doesn’t make sense or correspond with the AE requirements!

we’ve had a form from RSI Notfication de Situation, Avis D’Appel Rectificatif prise en compte des revenus, thankfully with 2010 & 2011 zero values. No idea what to do with this. We also had an attestation fiscale 2010 from Urssaf which was correct for my husband’s revenue in 2010. Not sure if we need to send this to RSI or not!

Thanks, Andrew, that’s quite a shlep, but will be necessary, I think if I’m ever going to sort this mess out!

URSSAF des Deux Sèvres in Niort:

Bonne chance !

Thank you very much Finn, for all of you helpful replies/comments. At least the form is the correct one and I can hopefully work with that to correct the situation. Fingers crossed, I’m able to find a URSSAF office nearby.

Unfortunately, it was the lady that filled out the forms who told me that it would be a while before I would be asked for any contributions. I feel pretty stupid now for thinking it was a done deal.

Thanks for your advice, Andrew. The CCI bit is easy, it’s everything else that’s complicated!

Ok, the form was filled out by a person who was recommended to me- it was done on line and it’s titled- P o or zero (not sure, sorry) AUTO-ENTREPRENEUR - Declaration de Debut D’Activite. Sub-titled- Personne Physique- Debut d’activite artisanale. A copy was then sent and accepted by the Centre de Formalities des Entreprises.

This is the first form I’ve had so, it’s looks like I’ve made a mistake. I had been told that it would be a while before I was asked to pay anything and so didn’t query the fact that I hadn’t been asked, if that makes sense. Any advice on what I should do next ?

I see that you’re teaching with the CCI - if there isn’t a lot of work I think you’d be better off as a vacataire instead of an indépendant - I’ve been both for the CCI, you earn more as an indépendant but at the end of the day, and especially with the future CFE to pay next year, a lot stay vacataire - so much easier and CPAM not RSI - much less hassle!

as for the form, I’m sure Finn knows the answer, I’m not sure off the top of my head but I’d phone and ask them why you’ve received it - they really do make sooooo many mistakes!

On closer inspection at the top it has the RSI, CNAVPL and URSSAF logos and it’s for - Assurance maladie/ vieillesse & securite social.

The title is- DECLARATION COMMUNE DES REVENUS DES PROFESSIONS INDEPENDANTES - REVENUS 2010. Written in capitals- it’s the first time I’ve been sent this type of form.

I’ve never filled anything in for the RSI - everything is done via my URSSAF each quarter… watch out, the RSI often try to treat you as a normal indépendant and get you to pay a whole host of things which you don’t have to. Each year they send me things - I phone them to ask why and they tell me to ignore it ! the only people I pay are the URSSAF who then pay all the necessary people for me.

Good luck !

Hello, I’m wondering if anyone can help me. I’m just about to fill in my first RSI revenue declaration. Any advice welcome, I’m registered as an auto-entrepreneur and I don’t know where to start or which sections to fill in. I registered in September 2009 and this is the first official RSI ‘thing’ that I’ve had to complete and return. Thank you in advance.

Couldn’t agree more - the UK and anglo-saxon countries do everything possible to encourage entrepreneurs and the self employed, France does the exact opposite. I didn’t go self-employed for a number of years because it wasn’t worth it. the auto entrepreneur has made it worth it for me but it’s still a long way off being self-employed in the UK. It was meant to work for small turnovers but risks being useless/very expensive for thousands of people who will end up going back to moonlighting - the very reason the auto entrepreneur status was set - to try and put an end to all the people working “au noir” !

Well summed up Finn, I started in 2009 and have not had to pay taxe professionnelle or the new CFE yet but next year could be a real problem… CFE based on hypothetical rental value (as is the taxe foncière - mine’s 1300 euros a year, 2100€ including taxe d’habitation, which is steep enough without charging again!) makes you realise why so many people want to be on a cdi or a fonctionnaire - most of the time it’s not worth the hassle trying to make a go of something! I can’t see auto entrepreneurs getting out of the CFE as ALL other businesses have to pay it (although I’d prefer not to!) also very well pointed out for those on any type of financial aid/RSA/CAF etc.